Monday, June 26 is Sports Fans' Favorite, part of (NYSE: GO), is sports fans' favorite sports Web site by an overwhelming 33:1 margin, according to a recent Harris Sports Poll eSports Report.

In a recent survey from Harris Sports Interactive, more than 5,500 people who actively visit sports sites ranked their favorite sites. Broken down by age demographics, was the undisputed leader with 33% of 18-24 year olds and 25% of 25-34 year olds listing as their favorite sports site. In those same age categories, runner-up earned 1% and 3% of the votes, respectively.

Separately, Turner's TV-Web Planning Guide measured the positive impact to television networks that have branded Web sites when television homes gain Internet access. In the sports category, the study found that generated more than 161 million gross usage minutes, according to January Media Metrix numbers, by far the leader among television-branded sports sites. The 161 million minutes were 326% greater than that of's nearest Internet sports competitor,, which accumulated 49 million gross usage minutes.

"Each of these surveys demonstrates that time and time again, regardless of the measuring stick, is the first choice among sports fans," said John Skipper, senior vice president and general manager, ESPN Internet Group. "These results are not only based on user opinion, but statistical fact, so we're more than pleased with the results.", is part of, the Internet business of The Walt Disney Company. manages some of the Internet's most popular Web sites, including the portal as well as,,,,,,,,,,, Mr. Showbiz,,, NASCAR Online and Soccernet. Steven M. Bornstein is the chairman of, which is headquartered in North Hollywood, California, with operations in Sunnyvale, California, Seattle, New York, Bristol, Connecticut, and London. Contact: Ashley Swadel, (860) 766-7428 or

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