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 Khalid El-Amin goes baseline for the reverse.
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Sunday, November 21

DP: Should college athletes be paid?

Khalid El Amin
Khalid El-Amin sits at center stage for Connecticut.

I think so. Some might say the education is the so-called check.

DP: You don't believe that?

KEA: No, I don't.

DP: Wait a minute. Educations are expensive.

KEA: They're definitely expensive. But at the same time, you might have to feed your family. And I think a reasonable check every semester isn't asking too much.

DP: Has fatherhood helped you on the court?

KEA: Well, I have more patience now.

DP: You go from guys in practice whining all the time, then home to your two boys, who are crying too.

KEA: Never get away from it. But I have a little bit more control at home.

DP: Who could the Houston Comets beat in the Big East?

KEA: They'd give BC a run.

DP: I'm sure BC's going to love to hear that.

KEA: Just being honest.

DP: Can Master P play?

KEA: I saw him play in one of his first games with the Fury. He showed a little bit of game. But I don't know if he could take it to the next level.

DP: He can't play. You know what? Bring Master P on. I'm ready for him.

KEA: Uh-oh.

DP: I called him out on the radio! I'm not afraid! He's got all the gold in his mouth, though. That's what I'm worried about, because when I go down the lane, I don't want to bust up those teeth.

KEA: Umm, okay.

DP: Can we do anything with Jake Voskuhl's hair?

KEA: I don't think so. Snake loves that Texas/Southern/Randy Travis style. That's always going to be him.

DP: It's a bad look, though. Do UConn women love his hair?

KEA: Oh, definitely. Everywhere we go.

DP: He's the Ricky Martin of college basketball?

KEA: I would say yes.

DP: Did your mom really bench you in high school for bad grades?

KEA: Yeah, she did -- for four games. She thought I was getting a bit sidetracked. We went 3-1.

DP: Does the crowd ever get on you about your weight?

KEA: Oh, yeah, but I use it as motivation.

DP: What do they say to you?

KEA: Fat boy, doughboy. But I feel very good about my shape right now. I'm cut.

DP: You're not cut.

KEA: Last year, look at the Final Four interview. I had my shirt off. I'm cut!

DP: Do you think I'm some kind of sicko checking out the student body?

KEA: Hey, I do have a nice figure!

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