Busch paid the price for trying to block Stewart

July, 9, 2009
Sorry, Kyle, but you're wrong, 100 percent wrong.

On Thursday, Kyle Busch blamed Tony Stewart for the last-lap wreck at Daytona last weekend that caused Busch to slam the outside wall before two collisions with other cars.

Busch said Stewart dumped him.

No, he didn't. Busch tried to block when he didn't have room.

Busch was leading as they headed to the checkered flag, but Stewart had the front of his car up past Busch's right rear quarter panel.

It's simple physics. You can't block the driver behind you if that driver already has his beside your car.

Busch made a wild move to block, and he paid the price.

You don't have to take my word for it. Ask Jeff Gordon.

"I would put more blame on the guy leading who was blocking than the guy who was behind," Gordon said. "It's not getting dumped if the guy got a fender inside you and you turn. You've got spotters. If someone is half an inch inside you, you expect to know it because of your spotters."

Kasey Kahne agrees.

"That's a long way from a dump in my mind," Kahne said. "They both were battling for the win. I certainly would not say he got dumped.

"Tony made a great move to get to Kyle's outside. To me it looked like [Stewart] was going to side draft off him to the line, but Kyle turned right.''

Kahne ended up slamming into the back of Busch's car, causing Busch's No. 18 Toyota to shoot up in the air from the back. Busch also got T-boned by Joey Logano.

Gordon wasn't surprised about any of it.

"As a competitor you get so focused on how to get to the finish line first and what we can do to win,'' Gordon said. "Even though you know you're blocking and shouldn't be, you still do it.

"We've gotten so comfortable as drivers out there, believing all we've got to do block all the way to the finish line and we'll finish first. That worked in the past, but it's not working anymore."

Busch learned that lesson the hard way.

Stewart didn't dump you, Kyle. You dumped yourself.

Terry Blount

ESPN Staff Writer



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