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So we've had a few changes to the conference landscape over the past week, eh?

Depending on where you live or where you went to school, you likely reacted to the news of Rutgers and Maryland to the Big Ten, Louisville to the ACC and all the moves in between with a shout of "Yes!" "No!" "WTH?" or "Meh."

No matter what colors you wear, all the relocating seems to indicate that we are headed into the world that the guys in the dark suits with conference lapel pins continue to deny -- a landscape divided into 16-team superconferences and everyone else. (One year ago, we attempted to tackle this moving target in ESPN The Magazine.)

As we look at the conference realignment headlines of November, as well as the admittedly murky collegiate crystal ball of tomorrow, who are -- for now -- the winners and losers, football-wise, in this latest round of musical chairs? Here's my take, along with the usual input from people in the business: