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When I was a student at Tennessee, I worked for the football team, shooting video at practice and games. For three years, I was on the tower with then-head coach Johnny Majors, and Coach was always engaging.

Sometimes he would become bored and start quizzing me on various college football topics. One time during fall two-a-days, he asked me to give him my top five teams that I thought could win the national title. I would name a team, and he would fire back with either "Nope" or "Yes, sir."

When I asked him how he could be so certain so fast, he had a very simple answer. "I know all their schedules," he explained. "And I can tell you right here in August who has too tough of a schedule to make it through the year undefeated. I don't care how good you are, how your schedule falls is half the battle in college football."

I've taken that with me ever since. And it is with that in mind that we present this week's version of a double-edition top-5 list. Here are the five schools with the easiest paths -- and hardest paths -- to a possible BCS title game berth.

Easiest paths