Auto racing's gay culture 

March, 4, 2010

Welcome back to the Chicken Bone Section.

You know the place. The first few rows of the racetrack grandstand that, by the end of 500 miles, become the catch-all for anything and everything -- crushed cans, empty party cups and, yes, chicken bones that have been gnawed naked.

This is where I dump my racetrack reporter's notebook onto the worldwide Interweb and into your browser. So grab a spork and come with us -- into the Chicken Bone Section.

Queers for -- do what now?

Two weeks ago, during Carl Edwards' weekly media center visit at Auto Club Speedway, there was a subtle yet no less great moment that slipped by most people in attendance and watching at home on the Internet.

Before every question, media members are asked to identify themselves by name and affiliation. You know the drill. You see it on CNN and ESPNEWS all the time. But even Edwards, who is as smooth and media-savvy as they come, paused and smiled as if to say, "Come again?" when he heard this: "Michael Myers with"

See the moment for yourself by going here. You can hear Myers and his question at the 1:38 mark.

Myers is a 37-year-old sales manager based out of Las Vegas. Yes, he is gay. Yes, he is a NASCAR fan. And yes, there are more race fans out there just like him. A lot more.

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ESPN Senior Writer