The myths of spring practice 

March, 8, 2012

Welcome back to Three Downs and Punt, where we give the Heisman stiff arm to March Madness and Super Tuesday and instead focus on what's truly important -- the start of college football spring practice.

That's the subject of this week's first down, so hold those keys aloft, jingle them and let's kick things off.

First down: Three biggest spring practice myths

As teams hit the field en masse for spring drills, there is already a deluge of stories about what each team will be focusing on, from position battles to unit overhauls, which I wrote about last week.

It all seems very intense. But the truth is that it's actually anything but intense.

"Well, everything about college football has become a much bigger deal to everyone, especially in the media," Florida State Seminoles head coach Jimbo Fisher said as his Seminoles started spring drills one year ago. "And there's no doubt that it's a big time for our team or any team. But it's not quite as intense as maybe it's looked out from the outside."

Myth No. 1: Spring practice is like "The Junction Boys"

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