Five key position groups in BCS chase 

September, 21, 2012

Don't you just love surprises?

OK, one's answer to that question depends entirely upon perspective. For example, a writer trots out a story about the top five offensive lines in college football, and 36 hours later, one of those teams (USC) ends up picking its quarterback up off his back for more than three hours in Stanford Stadium.

Did we know the Cardinal's defensive line was good? Yes. Did we know it was that good? No.

Almost a month into the 2012 season, such unit surprises have been plentiful. Some, such as Stanford's defense, have been mild. Others, such as USC's offensive line, have been shockers. But which of the surprise units could have the biggest impact on the national scene?

With that in mind, I present this week's edition of the top-five list. It's a quintet of surprisingly good positional units that could alter the BCS picture.

Ryan McGee | email

ESPN Senior Writer