Ranking overlooked undefeated teams 

October, 26, 2012

There they sit, undefeated but stuffed somewhere beyond the top five, mixed in with and ranked behind teams with one and even two losses. Clearly, there are doubts about their abilities. Clearly, there is skepticism about their ability to continue to run the table. But clearly, they just keep winning.

"That's our job, to win football games," said Louisville coach Charlie Strong, who has guided the Cardinals to a 7-0 record but sees his team ranked 16th in the BCS standings and the AP Top 25, behind six one-loss teams and two-loss South Carolina. "We play the schedule that we have. We beat the teams we face. And if we win all of our games, we'll be hard to ignore at the end of the year."

Fair enough, coach. But don't expect to play for the national championship even if you run the table in your BCS conference.

So what's the take around college football on the five undefeated Football Bowl Subdivision teams that aren't Alabama, Florida, Kansas State, Oregon or Notre Dame? What do other coaches think about their chances of staying unblemished? And if they go undefeated, what is, or isn't, holding them back from playing for a national title?

Those are the questions we asked coaches to answer, in order to help us rank the five overlooked undefeated teams.

5. Ohio Bobcats

Record: 7-0 | BCS rank: 24
Biggest win: Sept. 1, 24-14 at Penn State
Biggest upcoming game: Nov. 23 at Kent State

I was in Kansas City all weekend and Alabama all day Monday, and one of the most frequent topics of conversation was Ohio and coach Frank Solich.

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