Non-bowl teams that will earn bids in '13 

December, 7, 2012

During meetings while preparing for Tuesday's edition of ESPNU's "The Experts," the following question was posed to our panel for debate: The bowl season is now up to 35 games. Is that too many?

The initial reaction from four members of our five-person panel was the same: "Heck yeah, there are too many bowl games."

Then another question was tossed out for discussion: At a dozen games, could the regular season stand to be one week longer?

Again, four of us piped up in harmony: "Heck no, the season is just fine the way it is."

Then the lone member of our group with coaching and administrative experience spoke up.

"This is all a matter of perspective," said Mike Bellotti, former Oregon head coach and athletic director. "Everyone thinks there are too many bowls except the teams who feel like they barely missed out. And everyone thinks the season is plenty long enough except the teams that barely missed out. The guys sitting at home this December are thinking it'd be good thing if there was just one more bowl or just one more game on the schedule that would've made them bowl eligible."

Of those teams, which ones are most likely not to have to worry about that problem in 2013? Which of this season's non-bowlers seem best poised to get a postseason invite next season?

Here's our ranking of the top non-bowl teams poised for bowl berths next season:

5. Southern Miss Golden Eagles

2012 Record: 0-12

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ESPN Senior Writer