Ryan Newman still stewing over Michigan

August, 21, 2010

BRISTOL, Tenn. -- Since when does a college education have anything to do with driving a Sprint Cup car?

Apparently, Ryan Newman thinks it does.

That was the case on Friday at Bristol Motor Speedway when Purdue graduate Newman discussed last week's postrace Michigan run-in with Joey Logano, resulting in both drivers being physically separated by NASCAR officials.

Newman still insists the 20-year-old Joe Gibbs Racing driver was at fault when the 39 car spun out, even though Logano and other drivers suggested Newman brought the accident on himself by side-drafting Logano too long.

"I think he lost it before he ever got into the corner," Newman said. "I'm pretty sure there's about 80 feet of asphalt there. He could have chosen any lane he wanted to. He drove up into me and hit me in the left rear quarter panel.

"He can call it what he wants. It's his story. I've got a college education. I didn't just get out of elementary school."

To refresh, Newman spun out after Logano got into the back of his car in Turn 4. Newman confronted Logano in the garage about 10 minutes after the race and told him he needed to "learn how to drive." When Logano's hand brushed Newman as the two argued, Newman said, "Don't touch me," and officials intervened.

Logano accused Newman of door-jamming him to the point that Newman took the air off Logano's car and got him out of control. Logano said at the time of the incident that he was "sideways because you were on my ... door." Logano also said Newman raced him too hard all the time, which several competitors said he shouldn't have said publicly even if it were true.

"I don't care how hard I raced him," Newman said. "Because he ran out of talent and drove into my car and thinks it's my fault -- I don't understand the logic there."

Let's go to a third party to see if he can explain it better. Kyle Busch says it's an "accurate assessment" to say Newman races people too hard every week. Although Logano is Busch's teammate, Kyle didn't seem to be taking sides as much as he was trying to make a point about side-drafting that led to him wrecking at the July race at Daytona.

"The thing that Joey should've been most upset about was Newman going in on his door and side-drafting him and spinning him out," Busch said. "That's a problem. You've gotta give guys room to race."

He says this without a college degree, so take it for what it's worth.

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ESPN Staff Writer



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