Only one chip can reign supreme

March, 16, 2013
David NewtonSpecial to ESPN.comIntrepid NASCAR writer David Newton holds up the title contenders for best chip in the media center on Saturday at Bristol Motor Speedway.

BRISTOL, Tenn. -- A battle was brewing Saturday between two superstars at Bristol Motor Speedway.

Jeff Foxworthy versus Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Grit Chips versus Dale Jr. Chips.

Let the chips fall where they may.

"I didn't know Junior had chips," said Foxworthy, the honorary sponsor of Jeff Foxworthy's Grit Chips 300 Nationwide Series race. "We may have to go rasslin in the infield after this."

This is big, folks. The world's most popular comedian of redneck jokes versus the most popular driver of a sport some call redneck. The host of "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?" versus a Sprint Cup driver who made it past the fifth grade.

It has to be settled.



As any good investigative reporter will tell you, research is the key when you get involved in controversies such as this. For the sake of chip lovers everywhere, and against my heart doctor's advice, I performed a taste test.

First Dale Jr.'s zesty jalapeno, which Earnhardt is on record saying he likes better than the Carolina barbeque. The texture is light and crispy. The jalapeno flavor is initially mild before kicking in just enough spice to tickle your taste buds.

I cleanse my palate.

Foxworthy's jalapeno cheddar is a bit more overpowering. The chip, due to the nature of the grits, has a stiff tortilla texture. It is good, but the aftertaste leaves me wanting a beer.

That's not necessarily a bad thing.

So which is better?

"Mine are better," Foxworthy declared in the media center before the race.

The pick?

Dale Jr. Chips.

It was the only choice. I don't have to deal with Foxworthy for 36 weeks.

David Newton | email

ESPN Staff Writer



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