Joey Logano loses wedding ring while celebrating in Victory Lane

AVONDALE, Ariz. -- Joey Logano won a race and a trophy Sunday, but he nearly turned into a big loser while in Victory Lane.

Amid the celebration of his victory in the Can-Am 500, Logano somehow lost his wedding ring. Luckily for Logano, a crewman found it, and Logano got it back during his postrace news conference.

"Yay, I'm married again!" Logano said when he got the ring back and then looked in the room for his wife. "Honey, we're good."

Logano knows what it's like to lose his wedding ring. During his December 2014 honeymoon in Costa Rica, he lost his original wedding ring when he flipped in a kayak.

He had flashbacks to that moment when he started to do a postrace interview and realized his ring was gone.

"I said, 'Not again,'" Logano said. "It was the same feeling as when I lost it the first time. I was like, 'Oh no, my ring is gone.'

"But at least we found it this time. That's really cool."

Logano didn't seem worried that he will continue to keep losing the ring.

"Hey, this one almost lasted two years -- this one lasted pretty long," Logano said. "I know I had it on before I got out of the car. After that, I was so excited, my hands were wet and it just kind of slipped, I guess.

"Good thing she doesn't lose her ring. My ring didn't cost that much."

So what does his wife think about her husband's ability to lose his wedding ring? Brittany Logano just laughed.

"I should tell him to just get a tattoo," she quipped.