Racebook Daytona: Say what?

Status updates from NASCAR's finest, as interpreted by -- OK, as made up by -- ESPN.com's Marty Smith.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the writer.

Tony Stewart: In Victory Lane at the Duel some guy informed me I was the defending champion but I'd never won the Daytona 500 in my career. Thanks, dude. I didn't realize that.

Carl Edwards: Daytona 500 pole almost feels like a win. I'd have run into the grandstands, but no one was there.

Kevin Harvick: I thought KHI was expensive. Then I went diaper shopping.

Matt Kenseth: Forget that other No. 17 in New York. Cheeseheads call it #Kensanity.

Brad Keselowski: Imagine the response three years ago if I'd said I was putting your Twitter on my truck.

Jimmie Johnson: Maybe Knaus should have scheduled that vacation to South Africa for next week.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.: The last pack I liked this much was comprised of six beers.

Jeff Gordon: I used to break-dance to "The Roof Is On Fire." In the Bud Shootout, I lived it.

Mike Helton: I figured a guy named Bubba driving the General Lee at a NASCAR race was the perfect fit.

Danica Patrick: At this rate, they'll rename this joint Danicatona before I leave.

Kyle Busch: Mitch Buchanan never made a save like that.

Marty Smith is a contributor to ESPN's NASCAR coverage. He can be reached at ESPNsider@aol.com. Follow Marty on twitter at @MartySmithESPN