Racebook Las Vegas: Say what?

Status updates from NASCAR's finest, as interpreted by -- OK, as made up by -- ESPN.com's Marty Smith.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the writer.

Matt Kenseth: So many of you have commented to Katie and me how funny it was to see our daughter cover her ears during the national anthem at the Daytona 500. You should see her reaction to one of Jack's voice mails.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.: Anyone who claims NASCAR drivers aren't athletes hasn't seen me sprint to the john.

Brad Keselowski: Imagine the reaction three years ago if I told you I Twittered on the backstretch during a red flag.

Jimmie Johnson: Here's hoping Peyton Manning fares better without the horseshoe than I did.

Juan Pablo Montoya: Half off Tide at Target in March.

Tony Stewart: EFI = Epic. Fail. Ignition.

Joey Logano: I was once Andrew Luck in Nomex.

Elliott Sadler: I can honestly say Phoenix is the first time I've ever won and lost in the same Victory Lane.

Chad Knaus: NASCAR has a unique way of wooing potential competition executives.

Kevin Harvick: Heard Peyton Manning was driving the 33 at Vegas. Figured it was true. He's the only guy who could afford it.

Jeff Gordon: DuPont car at Vegas! Can't believe it's been 20 years together. Their motto is Miracles of Science. They proved it to me in 1994 by inventing a blade that sliced through my mullet.

Danica Patrick: I didn't hear Michael Andretti complaining when he was counting GoDaddy's money.