Kurt Busch takes blame for big crash

SPARTA, Ky. -- A scary multicar crash caused a red flag situation early in the rain-postponed Sprint Cup race Sunday at Kentucky Speedway, wrecking the cars of Brad Keselowski and Greg Biffle, but no one was hurt.

Kurt Busch was racing down on the apron of the track as the field crossed the start-finish line on Lap 48. When Busch's car came back up to the banked part of the track, his car shot into the back of Keselowski's car.

Keselowski's No. 2 Ford spun to the right up the track in front of the cars behind him. Biffle's car hit Keselowski's machine at full speed, destroying the front on Biffle's No. 16 Ford as it burst into flames.

Five other cars were involved in the accident as Keselowski's and Biffle's cars hit the outside wall.

NASCAR threw a red flag, stopping the event to clear the track of sheet metal, parts debris and fluid.

"The track just threw me back into him," Kurt Busch told his crew on his radio. "That was my fault."

Surprisingly, Keselowski's crew managed to get his car back in the race later, 105 laps down, to try to earn a few extra points. Most of the back sheet metal was gone from Keselolwski's car. Biffle also returned to the track, 113 laps down.

Keselowski, who won this event last year, said too many drivers were overly aggressive early in the race.

"Wrecks happen, but I was just trying to be patient," Keselowski said. "There was no reason to drive like an animal. Apparently I was the only one who got that message."

Busch, who remained in the race, apologized to Keselowski's team.

"I know he didn't intentionally wreck me," Keselowkski said. "But this track has bad bumps down there and there's no reason to go down there, but he still did."

Replays appeared to show Busch's car ran over a drain down on the apron.

"They shouldn't even let us use that apron here," Jeff Gordon said on his radio. "It's just so rough down there."

Biffle didn't know exactly what happened after he climbed out of his car.

"I had nowhere to go and couldn't get it turned down to miss [Keselowski]," he said. "Guys were going for the win on Lap 48. It just sucks to get taken out like that. This is the roughest track I've ever raced on in my life. It makes for good racing at times, and for some tough situations, too."

The red flag lasted 18 minutes before the event was continued.

Nine laps before the big wreck, part of a tire came off Denny Hamlin's car and hit the front end of Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s car while he was leading, damaging the air-dam splitter. The tire bounced off Earnhardt's car and also damaged the front end of Jimmie Johnson's car.