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This week's question: Would you rather watch the Brickyard 400 or the Indianapolis 500?

This Sunday will mark the 19th running of the Brickyard 400, but attendance has waned in recent years. The Indianapolis 500 is more than a century old, and its attendance has been trending up.

So what say you, Motorsports Nation? Which event would you rather watch?

Have at it …

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The best from ESPN Conversations

01AMGFan -- C'mon, this is surely not a serious question. The Indianapolis 500 is ultra-dangerous, the drafting is insane, and if you get sideways -- you're going into the wall. The sudden balance shift of an IndyCar makes it genuinely thrilling to watch.
The Brickyard 400 isn't a bad race, but, it doesn't inspire the same thrill, speed or excitement as the 500. I've yet to see a thrilling 400, but I've seen plenty of stunning 500s.
With the DW12, the Indianapolis 500 has got even better as the cars draft from further back, and there is less aero turbulence.
I love both NASCAR and IndyCar, for different reasons. But the Indianapolis 500 rules. Let alone the Brickyard 400, the Indy 500 beats the Daytona 500 hands down as well. Daytona is about holding the gas pedal down and bumping someone, it's a complete lottery (if David Regan can win, there's a problem).
The Indianapolis 500 is about proper driving and judgment. No artificial nonsense at the Indy 500.

bluescreen73 -- For the first few years I was a diehard Brickyard 400 viewer, but it didn't take long for the newness to wear off. The racing is largely devoid of action, and on-track lead changes are few. It's like watching 160 high-speed parade laps. If it weren't Indy we wouldn't be talking about the Brickyard 400 because NASCAR would've canceled it a decade ago.

roscoerulzz -- The Indy 500 by far. Became addicted to it in the '50s listening to it on the radio. Legendary names and was not disappointed when I could watch it on TV. What a race.

CAH9955 -- I won't watch the Indy 500...I don't want to watch anyone get hurt and wouldn't enjoy worrying about it throughout the race. I'll take the Brickyard. Thanks NASCAR for all of your work to make racing safer!!

kartguy99 -- The 500 this year is what great racing is all about. I will turn on the race Sunday and take a 3 hour nap.

OscarLove -- There is only 1 event that matters at the track in Speedway, Indiana and it is held in May.

Reed_Rothchild1 -- My vote goes to the Indy 500. The Brickyard is basically just another NASCAR race, though some consider it a "major." The Indy 500 on the other hand is the greatest spectacle in racing. It's the one everyone wants to win. Look at the attendance figures alone. The Brickyard could be held at Michigan Stadium and probably be ok, where as the 500 would need nearly three stadiums to hold everyone who attends.

teboner9339 -- The Brickyard 400 is like having a dog race at the Kentucky Derby. The Indy 500 is so rich with tradition that I don't think that even the Daytona 500 compares.

DioAlice -- Lived in Indianapolis all my life and have attended every Brickyard 400. And every Indy 500 since 1989. There is zero comparison between the two events other than all vehicles attempt to go fast and turn left.
The Indy 500 is an event not to be missed and the winner's legacy is sealed. The Brickyard? Just another parade. I'll be there on Sunday, wondering yet again why I bother...

ttturner68 -- Nice to have a poll, but the only real poll that is needed is which has more Aluminum and it won't be close. When the Brickyard start it mirrored the growth in Nascar, the rise of rivalry between Jeff Gordon and Dale Sr. Was also deep in the days of the CART boycott and openwheel split. But COT, Tire debacle, Cautions for shop rags, Race for the Chase all have combined to take the luster away from Brickyard while at the same time Indycar big event has regained it momentum. And lets face it the Nascar look pitifully slow going around Indy compared to the Indycars.

arrogantespncommenter48 -- I'd easily choose the Indy 500 due to its history and prestige. The racing is great and the finishes are thrilling. The Brickyard 400, on the other hand, has had dull racing, lackluster finishes, and is still plagued by the 2008 tire debacle as attendance figures suggest. Stock cars just aren't meant to race on the famed rectangular track.

adfrick99 -- The only race that is more boring than a NASCAR race at Indy was the F1 race in 2005. NASCAR cars are too heavy to handle the long straights and low banking outside of 1 groove. This leads to no passing and bad racing.

Ft.W-Texas 41 -- This is easy. The indy 500 has more history, more passing, more lead changes, bigger crowds, and faster cars. Nascar has America's best racecar drivers, but the indy 500 has the best racers from all over the planet. Daytona 500 vs Indy 500 is a better argument ...

HaileyButler1012 -- Personally being from the great state of NC and "home" of NASCAR I suppose I am biased and deep to the core , born in the blood NASCAR TRUE I suppose the answer is obvious I'd much rather watch the Brickyard 400- the kissing of the bricks baby!!!

andrewjohn329 -- I chose Indy 500 for a few different reasons. Indy was not built for stock cars. The Indy 500 is one of the biggest events in the world. I am a die hard NASCAR fan, but if I watch only one Indy Car race a year it has to be the Indy 500. The Brickyard 400 doesn't even come close to the prestige, nostalgia, and history of the Indy 500!

Spade Racing -- Even as a longtime Nascar fan, I'd have to say that the Indy 500 is a bigger deal for me. The difference is, however, that I try to watch every other Sprint Cup race, while the Indy 500 is usually the only IndyCar race that I watch from start-to-finish.

sldmitch -- Seriously not sure how or why this is a question. The single greatest and largest attended sporting event in the world and a taxi race with half the attendance. The only likeness the Brickyard 400 has to (the only event that should be known as) the 500 is the track.

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