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This week's question: Will Kyle Busch recover from Sunday's disastrous final lap at Watkins Glen and still make the Chase?

Busch, remember, was the first driver to take the white flag in the Finger Lakes 355. But he lost traction on the road course -- and in the Sprint Cup standings -- when he got into some oil. Brad Keselowski bumped him out of the way, setting up Keselowski's jaw-dropping, last-lap duel with eventual winner Marcos Ambrose. Busch ended up seventh.

A victory at the Glen would have been huge for Busch. It would have given him two wins and cemented his spot in the second and final wild-card position. Now, with four races to go before the Chase cutoff, he is fighting for his playoff life.

So what say you, NASCAR Nation? Will Rowdy rise to the occasion?

Now have at it …

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The best from ESPN Conversations

txtechjmacattack -- Kyle Busch is plenty capable of making the Chase. A couple of his best tracks -- Bristol and Richmond -- still lie ahead. The problem is, this isn't the time of year when he historically performs well and wins races, and the last time the 18 team went into Richmond with a Chase spot on the line in 2009, they lost it to Brian Vickers. If I'm going to trust this group in a big, high-pressure spot, they're going to have to show they can pull it off, first.

SeanRomeo -- The 18 is an interesting case. They can be the most dominant car out there like at Richmond, or they can break some part and be done. Personally I think not. Gordon has been fast lately and his dumb luck has to end sooner or later! Plus he has been more consistent the whole year, if it weren't for his horrible luck.

01AMGFan -- Yes, Kyle Busch can make the Chase. The final wild-card spot is about winning, and that's something that Kyle can quite possibly do, especially at Bristol or Richmond. Ryan Newman and Gordon have wins, but I don't see them winning again before the Chase starts. The 24 and 39 got victories in pretty odd circumstances, and have lacked the speed to win. Whereas Busch can genuinely race for wins with genuine race-winning speed…if those TRD motors hold up!

pfoote14 -- Remember, this is Kyle Busch we are talking about. Not Carl Edwards. Kyle is always fast, everywhere. All it takes is ONE week for nothing to go wrong and he can put the car in victory lane. He is too talented and has too much at stake to not find a way to claw his way into the chase. Not to mention he has a win at all of the next four tracks, and he should be considered the favorite at Richmond, where he won earlier this year.

welaf -- Kyle has a passion and he is starting to know how to funnel that passion in a positive way. I think he can do it. He is not my favorite driver but he has the skills to get something done in the next few weeks.

rbartus88 -- He and Denny have had the speed, just have been victimized by accidents or mechanical failures. He will win at least one of the next four races to race himself in as these are great tracks for him. He can't possibly blow up or crash all four races can he?

CANUCKVILLE10 -- Absolutely not. Rowdy is exactly what is nick name states. He has a legitimate shot with the races that are left before the chase but Kyle doesn't seem to handle the adversity all that well. I really hope he can get 'r done because a chase without him wouldn't seem right. JGR as a whole have had a ton of engine/mechanical issues all year and this will also play a major component in his chances. Good luck though Rowdy.

BiGeNeM 2 -- I personally believe that Kyle's best shot is at bristol, but I don't see him making it in the Chase this year. Even though Kyle has matured some he is still his own worst enemy as well. And once again that will be his downfall.

archereagle -- Kyle is usually a streaky driver. He ran well on sunday, but just could not seal the deal. I would not be surprised if he won another race or even two before the chase.

andrewjohn329 -- Can he? Yes! Will he? No! I think there will be to much going on emotionally after what happened at The Glen. I also believe that JGR has been to inconsistent as an organization with all of the mechanical issues and blown engines this year. There is more working against Kyle than there is working for him at this point. Doesn't look good right now.

Professor Luri -- I wouldn't be happy to see a Chase without Kyle in it, but he is lacking some of the momentum from previous years and his engine-powertrain problems continue to hold him back. As for Gordon, I think he'll grab defeat from the jaws of victory again and so be listed as MIA. Menard is the spoiler, Ambrose is weaker on ovals.

phishphan70 -- Rowdy keeping his mouth shut, even with Marty Smith barking in his ear, proved he might just be maturing a bit, which would really help his chances. I think he's top-3 tallent wise in NSCS, and can rattle off 1, if not 2 more wins.

Incognito88---10 -- Obviously he will have a shot at both Richmond and Bristol, but that team has had so many mechanical problems this year I can't see them going four races without having one issue. I think it will come down to a win or your out deal at Richmond.

Smoke the KING of World of Outlaws -- No, he won't make it because of two things: Way too inconsistent; too many Toyota blow ups.

miller_time52 -- I vote no due to his inconsistency and that fact that he is probably a ticking time bomb at this point.

Kid_67y -- I have no doubt Kyle can recover. But, the bigger questions is will his equipment? How many motors has he lost this year? How much is Kyle getting it done on the track or his equipment letting him down? Going back to MIS where he lost a motor and the ATL could be another "motor blowing" track. I have no question Kyle has the talent but bigger issues at JGR for all the drivers. So, I say no.

Foster 1982 -- I don't think he makes the chase. I know he can win at just about any track, but the JGR cars and engines are not up to par at the moment. Too many DNFs and subpar performances will hurt this team. Gordons been too consistant lately and will make the chase. Last lap at the Glenn aside, they are running really well along with the rest of HMS.

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