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This week's topic: What impact -- positive or negative -- will Kurt Busch have on Furniture Row Racing in 2013?

Colorado-based Furniture Row Racing announced on Monday that Busch would replace Regan Smith in the No. 78 Chevrolet in 2013.

Busch, the 2004 Sprint Cup Series champion, has spent this season driving for Phoenix Racing in the Cup series and Kyle Busch Motorsports in the Nationwide Series. Furniture Row will be the third team he'll drive for in three seasons. He parted ways with Penske Racing after the 2011 season because of several off-the-track incidents.

So what say you, NASCAR Nation? Will Busch be a good fit at Furniture Row?

Now have at it …

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The best from ESPN Conversations

• kyjunior -- He wont be any better next year. His emotions will show up as always and kill his chances on the track. There are drivers in the nationwide series that deserve this ride more than Kurt does.

• CueALLtheDuckboats -- It's an upgrade for both sides; Furniture Row gets the most talented driver they have ever had in the organization's history, and Kurt gets more driveable equipment than what he had at Phoenix Racing. Making the Chase seems too lofty, but the team can finish in the top 20 in points, at the very least.

• YankeeCowboy29 -- This is a good fit that I believe could work out for both parties in the long run. Kurt Busch gains a seat at an organization that is making the right moves to move up in the NASCAR team tier that also has some solid funding under its belt, something that Phoenix Racing never had in place. Furniture Row gains a driver with the talent AND experience to be able to worh with the team to help them move forward.
Also worth noting, while Kurt may have tore up cars early in the season, he seems to have adjusted his driving style slightly to the 2nd tier equipment, which I believe will benefit Furniture Row in 2013.
On a side note, it's sad to see Regan Smith lose the ride. He has some talent, but he never had seat time at an organization full time that was established or not in turmoil, which is the type of experience Furniture Row needs in the seat. I hope that someone recognizes his talent, but unfortunately the best Cup time opportunity (JGR part time 4th car) seems to be nearly locked up at this point. I wouldn't consider the 4th RCR a good opportunity because Regan Smith isn't Regan Dillon.

• txtechjmacattack -- Truthfully, is anywhere a good fit for Kurt Busch? I guess this gives him an inside track to a potential ride at RCR, but I still don't see any room in that inn going forward with both of the Dillon's rising through the ranks. If Busch can behave himself, and maybe contribute to FRR becoming a team that can contend for wins on occasion, then sure, it'll be a good fit. If it ends up like the Phoenix Racing experiment, however ...

• bobmanbroncofan -- Terrible fit. Why would a one car race team want to put their season on a hot head like Busch? A meltdown or two and you get smashed cars and maybe even a suspension if he really goes off. Naturally that is a worst case scenario, but why risk it?

• mikesportsfan8 -- This is truthfully a bad fit. Kurt drove for a second tier team this year, look what it got him. He tore up so many race cars that James Finch will have to close the shop for next year. Considering that Furniture Row's equipment is no upgrade over Phoenix's, I doubt that will change much. Not to mention, I don't think anyone at Furniture Row is ready to be cursed off 20 different ways during every single race. Something tells me that Regan Smith didn't give his team the business when things weren't going well (or at least, not anywhere near the extreme to which Kurt has done).

• MartyMousse -- Haters will hate, Kurt will keep driving like hell!

• Spade Racing -- He'll basically be in the same situation as this year: A longshot at plate tracks, short-tracks, and road courses, and a top-20-at-best at everywhere else. However, big upside is that he won't have to look for a sponsor.

• 4112MARK -- I hope Kurt surprises everyone and helps FRR become a team to compete week end and week out and has a shot at maybe a wildcard chase spot,you never know what will happen next year,I'm not holding my breath but it would be nice if it happens.

• phishphan70 -- I believe Kurt really did learn a lot this year in regards to dealing with people and making a good impression. But, just like his brother, when they get mad, they only see red and lose sight of everything important. If Kurt stays happy (or at least not crazy angry) he has the potential to be successful. If/when Kurt loses his cool, he'll say or do something that will ruin all the credibility he has and he'll be right back at square 1. Now more than ever you need to "Shut up, smile, and drive" if you want to keep your ride ...

• rbartus88 -- He'll tear up more equipment, but also put them in contention for more wins. That's the trade-off. But with the schedule staying the same (ugh) and the continued decline in TV ratings, the real question is, will anyone be watching?

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