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This week's topic: Which driver-crew chief combination is the most formidable in the 2012 Chase?

Points leader Brad Keselowski and his crew chief, Paul Wolfe, have won two of the first three Chase races. Jimmie Johnson and Chad Knaus trail by only five points and ... well, they are Jimmie Johnson and Chad Knaus -- holders of five Sprint Cup championships. Denny Hamlin and Darian Grubb, who won a Cup title with Tony Stewart in 2011, are in third and 16 points off the pace.

Those three tandems have won a combined 13 races in 2012. Keselowski and Hamlin have five wins apiece.

So what say you, NASCAR Nation? Which driver-crew chief lineup strikes the most fear in the Sprint Cup garage?

Now have at it …

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The best from ESPN Conversations

cocacola150dr -- Jimmie and Chad. You just don't luck into 5 Championships in 7 years.

mac_harmon -- Jimmy and Chad have for years been the dominant force in the series...Hands down.
Kes and Wolfe have quietly snuck up and smacked them in the back of the head and are now making the Jimmy/Chad show look, well average. Still think it would be AWESOME for Dodge to win the championship and then fade away. (For a while anyway)

txtechjmacattack -- While Johnson/Knaus is the obvious answer, Keselowski/Wolfe has made them look pretty human by comparison so far in this Chase. I still give the nod to the former -- I have to until they are beaten straight up head to head -- but the latter has closed the gap significantly.

01AMGFan -- Keselowski/Wolfe. Everyone knows that Jimmie and Chad can dominate a race on speed, but the 2 team surprise you and seemingly come out from nowhere. Look at Chicago, the 48 seemingly had that sealed without any cautions. Keselowski snuck up on Johnson and just pulled away, who expected that?
Dover was another example of mastery from Keselowski/Wolfe. The 48, 11 and 18 were the main contenders all race long, including towards the end. Keselowski had the same strategy as Jimmie, by stretching the fuel, but came out on top. This is a dangerous combination, Keselowski/Wolfe are proving they can execute and win in any situation.
Fuel mileage? Raw speed? Restarts? Pitstops? The 2 has it all. This team is a headache for the 48, and they know it.

BigBlueCat89 -- I have to go with Jimmie and Chad. While Brad and Paul certainly look to be on the rise, I can't call them the best until they have a sustained period of excellence spanning for years like Jimmie and Chad have. As for Denny and Darian, I'm not sold. They've had fast cars and won some races, but also repeatedly shot themselves in the foot with bad strategy this year.

GTRyan2001 -- Denny Hamlin and Darian Grubb. When you combine the driver that won the most races in the regular season in 2010 with the crew chief that just turned in the most dominant Chase performance ever in 2011, shouldn't everyone else be watching out for them in 2012?

Spade Racing -- Jimmie & Chad--they seem to be the only duo capable of throwing it into a higher gear when the pressure is on. But if they falter, Brad & Paul will be ready to take their crown.

paloombo3 -- When it comes down to fuel mileage, it's clear that Paul and Brad take that. Overall, I will repeat what others have said, until Jimmie & Chad are beat, they are the best, period.

Trident60 -- This one is easy, Johnson/Knaus. Like someone else said, Keselowski/Wolfe has a lot of potential and they are showing it. But how can you go against a group that has been good ever since they started? And something else that has been going around - This is the best start Johnson has had in the chase. The 2 and 11 are hanging right there with the 48. Lets wait and see what happens at the end of the season.

phrost1979 -- Jimmy and Chad = championships! As long as they are in the hunt they are definately the most dominating duo.

Rester_Jeremy -- Hamlin and Grubb - Denny is wanting it this year. He's gonna do everything he can to get it.

4112MARK -- I think Denny will do the Denny thing and choke when it counts ...

Thunderkiss99 -- Denny and Grubb have done well, and will be there in the end. Brad and Paul have just found a piece of the horseshoe Harvick claimed JJ had. Truth is, until either of these drivers show it, Jimmie and Chad are the go to guys. They're not intimidated by either, and worry only bout themselves. Ole Brad might want to remember two years ago with Hamlin. Let that confidence become arogance and it cost him.

Baseballman387 19.0 -- It's always JJ and Chad Knaus, ALWAYS. Brad and Wolfe are just starting to heat up and go on a run like JJ and Chad did. Hamlin and Grubbs? Too inconsistent.

miller_time52 -- Even though they were "dethroned" last year, I still have to go with the 48 team until one of the other 2 combinations listed beat them.

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