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This week's question: What did you think of the racing at Talladega, where the tandems were gone, the pack was back and the "big one" struck on the final lap?

Dale Earnhardt Jr. was less than pleased after getting caught up in a 25-car pileup on the last lap, sending him tumbling down the Chase standings. Junior called the incident "ridiculous" and "bloodthirsty" and said that kind of plate racing will damage the sport in the long run.

So what say you, NASCAR Nation? Did Talladega deliver?

Now have at it …

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The best from ESPN Conversations

sjolson68 -- Plate racing of the late 90's and pre-tandem, next-gen vehciles was the best. Everyone still wonders if Dale Sr. could see the air of the draft and make some of the most spectacular moves we've ever seen.
The current plate situation only further marginalizes driver talent. Daytona 2011 was the crowning achievement with a Trevor Bayne winning the 500. He's a good kid and will probably have his day but, Derrike Cope aside, that almost never happened prior to this style of plate racing and I don't believe it's good for the sport ...

Kings_Cup -- It is a ridiculous race. We all know it. Matt Kenseth won because he was lucky. It has very little to do with guys actually driving and running a fuel and tire cycle. Why they don't make a pack to run around in a straight line until the last 20 laps is beyond me. Give me a short track or miler any day of the week and watch these boys bang and finish.

Frymyer27 -- I am totally mind blown that fans didn't like the two car tandems. Its cool seeing 43 cars you can drop a blanket over with pack racing, but how can you argue with a lead change value that flirts with the century mark? That's racing at its finest.

badboy71966 -- I've been going to the spring race at dega since 1998 and it never disappoints. To make it better. We need more pit stops. Make the fuel smaller. And open the grill. If u let them race, u can't hang out I the back or you'll b lapped.

dmusch5150 -- They shouldn't have this as part of the chase. Put a road course in at least the drivers have some control.

GTRyan2001 -- Talladega absolutely delivered a great race, and an even better finish. In the last few laps, cars were going forward and making passes from the outside lane, especially Jamie McMurray. In the last lap and a half before the huge crash, the cars were running 4-wide, up to five rows deep. Stewart caused the wreck (and even admitted as much) by blocking , which was something he got very vocal and upset about last season. But, even without the wreck, that would have been an absolutely spectacular finish with the top 30 cars running four-wide like they were on the Autobahn. Imagine how tight the finish would have been had they actually made it back to the finish line. They would have probably been five-wide for the lead by then.

Spade Racing -- Both--the finish was crazy, but the other 95% of the race was pretty dull.

Tigrfan4life -- Drivers who are in the hunt for the title will ride around the back just like they did sunday. Most of the race was spent watching the has- beens and never- was drivers trying to get their sponsors some tv time. I think that the "Wild Card" race was fun to watch...for the last 10 laps!!!

twilker55 -- I believe its called racing not sit in the back and watch. I pay good money to see the best get out there and race. Very dissapointing to see a five time champ just ride around. Get in the game. Mixit up. Show the fans what driving means.

lasvegasbadger123 -- The track and cars did not cause the big one on Sunday. It was 1 driver and several others who didn't react on time. It was an exciting race, start to finish because you never knew what would happen from lap to lap.
For those drivers who don't like the track, give up your ride and give it to someone who does like racing at Talladega. then we don't have to hear you complain.

Hot Lap -- If someone would have taken the rear view mirror out of Tonys car it sure would have been a whole different race!!!

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