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This week's topic: Which driver-crew chief tandem likely will win the 2012 Sprint Cup championship, Jimmie Johnson and Chad Knaus or Brad Keselowski and Paul Wolfe?

Johnson leads Keselowski in the Chase standings by two points heading into Sunday's race at Texas Motor Speedway (3 p.m. ET, ESPN). Johnson and Knaus also have a decided statistical advantage at the final two tracks, Phoenix and Homestead.

Oh, and keep this in mind: JJ & Co. have been under this kind of pressure before, having won five of the past six Cup championships.

So what say you, NASCAR Nation? Can Brad K and Wolfe unseat Johnson and Knaus?

Now have at it …

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The best from ESPN Conversations

01AMGFan -- Yes, Brad and Wolfe can unseat JJ and Knaus. The 2 team seems excellent at the 1.5 mile tracks where fuel mileage is likely to be a factor, and seem to spring surprises. I always think back to Dover, where the 48 and 18 dominated the event ... but Keselowski won. Keselowski and Wolfe have that element of danger and uncertainty, and I think not even the 48 team can quite predict it.

almacmac -- JJ for sure. Experience is important. Look how Hamlin fell apart from the pressure a couple years ago. Keslowski says he's not feeling the pressure? Keep telling yourself that kid. Nobody's buying it.

19..Jim..60 -- It's hard to bet against JJ, but I have been impressed with the way Brad has handled himself so far. That may change in the next 3 races, but that can go both ways. If the points are still close going into Homestead, I think there will be some butterflies floating around both drivers bellies. The pressure would be on both drivers and it would be interesting to see who handles it better. Hopefully that is the case.

1985cardinals -- I'm going to say the 48 because of two reasons: lack of experience in a championship stretch for bk and jj has a better average finish. kesolowski is inconsistent at times and is bound to have the bad luck bite him just give it time.

Seth151518 -- I just don't think the Dodge holds up against the Bowtie. We are watching Chevrolet's eighth straight Cup Title and that, my friends, is impressive.

txtechjmacattack -- My gut knows better than to pick against Johnson/Knaus, my head believes Keselowski/Wolfe have been the better team all season. There are two points between them and three races remaining. Just flip a coin.

GTRyan2001 -- Even Jimmie Johnson can have bad luck, as he proved when he backed in to the wall at Kansas. Is he likely to have bad luck? No. Can Keselowski still win? Absolutely. He's been fast at most tracks, and has been able to overachieve on the few days that he didn't have a spectacular car. He only needs to gain 1 point per race for the next three races, and that is definitely possible.

andrewjohn329 -- I am going with the underdog and saying #2 team will pull it out. None of the experts give them a shot based on past performance, but we all know stats go out the window this time of year. #2 team has something to prove and they will be pulling anything and everything out of the hat these next 3 weeks to make it happen.

RexBmet -- Either way, I win ... 1) Keselowski is my fave driver 2) If Jimmie wins, having only 3 drivers win the championship in the last 9 years would tell NASCAR that the chase system is flawed.

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