Your Turn: Like the '13 Cup cars?

Tony Stewart stretched the legs on his Chevrolet during NASCAR testing at Phoenix on Oct. 24. Jeff Gross/Getty Images

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This week's topic: What expectation for the 2013 Sprint Cup cars excites you most? More side-by-side racing? A better overall show? Improved brand identity?

What say you, NASCAR Nation?

Now have at it …

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The best from ESPN Conversations

01AMGFan -- I'm really encouraged about the 2013 cars, quite simply, I've never liked the boxy, one-for-all approach of the COT. The new Fusion in particular looks terrific, that would look daunting in the rear view mirror. This 2013 car clearly correlates with how the Nationwide Cars look more street-related, it's no bad thing. At last, each car will look different rather than just the decals. Also, if someone is to replace Dodge, car makers want maximum return on investment, which will only happen if their product(s) are clearly visible and have identity.
As for improvements in racing, making 1.5 mile races more exciting has to be a priority. I wouldn't mind if the corner speeds were lower, I'd trade that for closer racing any day.

Professor Luri -- Long before the 2013 bodies were rumored I was an advocate of lessening the aero packages, not only in NASCAR but IndyCar among others, in an effort to reduce cornering speeds and thus increase driver skill requirements and allow for a wider variance of chassis setups to fit individual driver techniques. To that end, now with the talk of less aero, I can say "finally". More work needs to be done, especially concerning the points system and the Chase format abomination where for the final 1/3 of the season 3/4 of the drivers are frozen out. Still too is the need to find methods of attracting both new fans and bring back older ones who became frustrated and left. That final part is the hardest and also the most elusive. It's a different age with different tastes and so will require different answers ...

txtechjmacattack -- They look good. No, great. But at the end of the day, no amount of track and wind tunnel testing can definitevly determine how these cars will race each other. This question will be better answered about ten weeks into 2013.

mikesportsfan8 -- as i mentioned on the other article written by Newton, I would characterize myself as cautiously optimistic. the fact that NASCAR is putting so much effort to maximize the importance of mechanical grip bodes well, but the ultimate key will be for NASCAR to stay ahead of the teams, who are bound to try to bring aero grip back into the picture. let's not forget that the COT started out with about 1700lbs of downforce, and teams have set it up now that the car and generate over 2200lbs of downforce. I think we will see great racing at first just b/c the drivers have to get a feel for the car, but the key will be for NASCAR to adapt to ensure that the car produces better racing for the long haul.

andrewjohn329 -- I am going with "Meh" because I don't know the answer to the rest. I can't say better side by side racing or more passing for the lead because we haven't even seen these cars in a race. I am not going to vote for one of those based on what the "experts" told David Newton in his article today. As far as looking cooler? Yes, they have more brand identity which is nice, but the Chevy car is still under triple double extra secret probation, so I can't go with that one until I have seen them all. I will wait until next year to decide the answer to this question when we have actually seen the cars on the track and have actual race results!

Undercover Boss -- I go with Meh. I predict Jimmie will quickly rattle off a few wins and no one will even care about the cars.

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