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This week's topic: What is your favorite "are you kidding me?" moment from NASCAR this week? Chase leader Jimmie Johnson crashing? The Jeff Gordon vs. Clint Bowyer brawl? The last-lap melee at Phoenix? Brad Keselowski getting fined for tweeting in his race car?

What say you, NASCAR Nation? What moved the meter most?

Now have at it …

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The best from ESPN Conversations

mikesportsfan8 -- NASCAR really got lucky with the way that no caution turned out. just imagine if Harvick had crashed off of 4 allowing someone else to win a race he had in the bag, or if keselowski had been pushed out of the top 10 by being collected in the wreck. thankful everyone was ok, but NASCAR should have thrown the caution as soon as Harvick took the white (to avoid running him and others out of fuel).

majors83 -- Jeff Gordon moment...it was awesome to finally see him get payback for what Bowyer has done to him all year. I loved the fact you saw it when it actually happend when the camera was showing the leaders. what Bowyers crew did coming from behind i thought was ridicoulous esp with all the equipment around or if someone fell on a screwdriver and pierced themselves. if you are going to fight at least go head on. I personally hope Gordon spins him out again, just to let him know he is not going anywhere.

1985cardinals -- Id definetely say the brawl at the track and no suspensions. Nascar should have suspended the pit crew members involved and as far as suspending gordon id say no on that one. He got his points docked and his fine which is good enough there. Difference between that and ky busch is that busch had a history and was on probation the rest of the season because of the incident with harvick at darlington so what happened at texas he deserved to be parked. Plus I want to add that busch was slated to run the next two races that weekend. Gordon and bowyer will have most of the week to cool off compared to just hopping right into a car and racing the next day.

baxta4 -- Lack of a caution flag on the Danica wreck. 1. She was in the middle of the pack, which means when she was sideways, half the cars still had to get around her. 2. The leaders were only heading into Turn 1, which meant, and the very slightest possibility of oil on the track, they would have to come through it again, at race speed. 3. On the Bowyer/Gordon wreck, Harvick was withing say 500 yards of crossing the line and taking the white, hold the flag for seriously three seconds and the race is over, but yet on the Danica wreck, they "swallowed the whistle" and are directly responsible for six cars being torn up and drivers safety being put in jeopardy.

Dont hate- appreciate -- All I TRULY know Gordon gets PHOENIX MVP.

YankeeCowboy29 -- Going to go in a different direction, Kevin Harvick to SHR in 2014. The 'Are you kidding me?' comes from Richard Childress seeming to be surprised or upset when everything we have seen the past year plus from the organization performance standpoint is due to all the attention going to bringing up Ty & Austin. RCR loses the driver it was probably envisioning as its rock while they got the Dillon Boys up & running in the new few years. But Harvick has to look out for himself as well and anyone NOT named Dillon staying at RCR is going to be a 3rd class citizen. How Richard wasn't prepared for this to happen already is the surprising part. And as a Harvick fan, I wish he could have made this move back in 2010, but the SHR was too new for that to happen back then.

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