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Wednesday, October 29
Updated: October 30, 10:16 AM ET
Nation's top center selects USC

By Bill Hodge

The nation's top offensive lineman, Jeff Byers of Loveland, Colo., has chosen the Southern California Trojans over Iowa, Colorado, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Texas and UCLA, among many others. ESPN Chat with Byers on his decision.

Nebraska has pledged tight end/linebacker/defensive lineman Clayton Sievers of Elkhorn, Neb., over Iowa, Colorado State and Wyoming. The Huskers recently gained offensive lineman Mike Huff of Ralston, Neb. Iowa State, Colorado State and Kansas showed interest.

Oklahoma State has a commitment from tight end Brandon Pettigrew of Tyler-Lee, Tex.

Virginia Tech has pledged defensive lineman Brandon Holland of Roanoke-Northside, Va., over Clemson, West Virginia and Maryland.

Mississippi added offensive lineman Lance Lee of Oxford, Miss., over Mississippi State.

Northwestern pledged running back Akeem Hunter of Chicago-Leo, Ill. The Wildcats recently gained tight end Ben Rinker of Barrington, Ill.

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Bill Hodge is the executive editor and director of recruiting coverage at For daily columns on prospects, commitments and signings, plus databases, go to's Recruiting Page.

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