Welcome to the BIG3, a boxing tale and another option for the champs

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rantnrave:// Is 2013 a year without a champion in college basketball? The NCAA ruled Louisville committed some rules violations (OK, having a Louisville assistant facilitate sex for recruits is way different from under-the-table payments) and poof! Louisville never beat Michigan. Stripping teams of wins after the fact has always been one of the most illogical NCAA punishments. It doesn't prevent the real-time joy or pride, or lessen the incentive to win. The immediate payoff is worth more than any future punishment. It's a wrist slap. Despite what the NCAA says, I still think Rick Pitino has a ring on his finger, but I'll also acknowledge he turned a blind eye to what went on to get it. If the NCAA wants to penalize bad actors, make the punishment forward-looking. You can't erase the past. ... The Momofuku shoe. ... The track and field world is caught in an ethical debate. Some want to erase all world records before 2005, hoping that would eliminate the marks from a presumably steroid-saturated era. Track would benefit from its athletes chasing or setting previously unbreakable records. Jarmila Kratochvilova, suspected of doping, set the women's 800-meter record in 1983 and only one runner has come within a second since. But there's a little issue. How do we know that anyone after 2005 -- or now -- is clean? Track's governing body started storing blood and urine samples that year for better drug testing, but that doesn't mean athletes aren't capable of beating it. The cheaters could be just as talented as the testers.

The inside story of the BIG3 and Ice Cube's plan to change basketball

The BIG3 is one of the hottest talking points in basketball; we detail the story of how it came to be.
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The secret story of the groundbreaking boxing champ who lost his title -- because he was gay

This Latino immigrant moved to 1920s New York with nothing and took on the sports establishment. Then the establishment took him down.
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Stadiums of the future: a revolution for the fan experience in sport

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If the Warriors want to take a stand, go to the White House and shake President Trump's hand

In the current climate in the country, the Warriors have an important decision to make -- they can add to the toxicity or be exemplars of political civility.
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Track and field's oldest (and most suspect) record is in danger

Jarmila Kratochvilova ran 800 meters in 1 minute 53.28 seconds in 1983, a mark that could be erased by a proposal to void all world records set before 2005.
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