The jury is out on Judge, juice and Mr. Olympia, and the WNBA stands strong

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rantnrave:// The brains of 111 ex-NFL players were tested for CTE. One hundred and ten were positive. Is this a bombshell? Or confirmation bias? It's definitely news. It's bad PR for the NFL -- and football. It's not shocking, but it's important. Playing football can lead to CTE. We've known that for a while. The NFL has admitted that. It's not just NFL players. That same study tested 202 football-playing brains in total, and 87 percent had CTE. Football can be treacherous at any level. The more evidence we have, the better. Parents have to decide whether to let their kids play football. NFL, college and high school players have to decide whether to keep playing. Football fans have to decide whether to keep watching. I'm more squeamish when watching football now. I cringe at big hits. I worry about the concussion crisis. I can't enjoy the sport like I used to. Getting jacked up used to be a highlight. Now it's cause for concern. Yeah, there are qualifiers. The study's author admits it. The sample size is self-selective. Only families worried that football ruined lives donated brains. But the results are hard to ignore. Football doomsdayers will say the league is approaching an existential crisis. Football fans can say the sport has never been bigger. Have you seen NFL revenue? The NFL keeps growing, but how long can that last? Youth participation rates are worth worrying about. Basketball, baseball and soccer offer less physical risk. NFL players are griping about salaries. Want to get paid? Go play in the NBA. This latest study isn't groundbreaking. It won't kill the NFL. But will it accelerate its decline? ... The Edward Jones Dome sits silently in St. Louis. The coliseum the Rams left behind when they bolted for L.A. is now the country's biggest warehouse. Will Leitch paid a visit. The Dome is a reminder that heartbreak is always lurking in pro sports. Fandom is about loyalty, but teams don't always keep their end of the bargain. SportsSET: "Abandonment Issues: When Sports Teams Say Goodbye". ... Dave Chappelle built this house. ... Inside the Texas foosball championships.

Aaron Judge could be the face of baseball, but he's not the hero the sport needs right now

Judge would be a surprising choice to be the face of a sport that's perennially diagnosed as suffering from a lack of personality.
Henry Grabar | Slate

Steroid solidarity

The culture of juicing at the Mr. Olympia competition.
Oliver Bateman | VQR

The WNBA has found its voice

The players are used to battling on and off the court, and they're not going to stop anytime soon.
Lindsay Gibbs | ThinkProgress

With Rams gone, St. Louis is stuck with an empty dome

What happens to a stadium when it is abandoned? A structure once home to screaming fans and football becomes an eerie relic of times past. Now that the Rams have left, St. Louis is stuck still paying for a mostly empty dome that takes up way too much space.
Will Leitch | Sports on Earth

Thunder forward Patrick Patterson is serious about cinema

Since his childhood in Huntington, West Virginia, Patterson has been entranced by a day at the movies. His father, Buster, a Navy veteran, frequently worked weekends at Walmart, and Tywanna would take her son to the ornate old Keith-Albee Theatre. He'd see kiddie flicks and comedies -- and the occasional grown-up drama -- and he fell in love with it.
Brett Dawson | NewsOK


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