Canada's next hoops star, the legacy of Kaepernick and a groundbreaking scout

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rantnrave:// Remember last week when UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen had the audacity to criticize the current NCAA model? "Football and school don't go together," he said. He backed up his claim with a number of reasons, primary among them the fact that there's not enough time in the day for a college football player to fulfill his football requirements and take his education seriously. Seems reasonable, right? Not if you're one of the NFL's narrow-minded decision-makers. According to Yahoo! Sports' Pete Thamel, Rosen has "emerged as a polarizing figure for his views on politics, academics and drawing coverage from TMZ for putting a hot tub in his dorm room." A hot tub in his dorm room -- someone alert the authorities! Or at least Dean Wormer. The funny thing is how predictable this was. Clearly Rosen hasn't learned anything from Colin Kaepernick. In the topsy-turvy world of the NFL, challenging conventional thinking is the worst sin a man can commit. ... Seems like Under Armour's No. 1 athlete is happy with CEO Kevin Plank's decision to quit President Trump's advisory council. ... We know Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon is the King of Shifts, but this -- four outfielders and just three infielders -- is a little much. Also, leave it to Joey Votto to decide to go through the shift as opposed to around it, and because he's Joey Votto, do so successfully. ... I understand answering the phone during a "Game of Thrones" episode. What I don't get, as a father of a newborn who now wakes up on Mondays at 5 a.m. so he can watch before stumbling across any spoilers, is not finishing the episode immediately after the call, even if you were just traded. At least find time on the plane, no? ... Example No. 3,498 that it's time for the Wilpon family to sell the New York Mets. Turning Lucas Duda, Jay Bruce, Addison Reed and Neil Walker into five minor league relievers and cash is ridiculous, unless you're trying to build the most killer Class A bullpen baseball has ever seen. If that's the team's goal, consider the past few weeks a success. ... Who you taking in this pickup game?

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