The Texas QB boom, getting a grip and Bob Stoops looks back

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rantnrave:// Mayweather-McGregor: They are who we thought they were. The fight went as expected. Mayweather won. McGregor didn't get knocked out. They both got paid. Which was the real upshot of the fight. This was a performance, not a boxing match. The Batman vs. Superman of sports. I'd say buyer beware but everyone knew what they were watching. McGregor gets to say he was standing when the fight ended. Mayweather runs his record to 50-0 and retires with one last payday. He didn't get to be a billion-dollar boxer without knowing how to hit his marks. Boxing proves it can still produce big fights. But where will they come from now? How will Golovkin-Alvarez do next month? The biggest question was how everyone watched it (once it made it on air). A quick survey of a few friends: Facebook Live, Periscope, First Row Sports, and somebody at a party that bought the $100 PPV. It's a small sample size (yes, they were millennials), and Showtime, the UFC and the fighters surely made a lot of money. But how much money did they lose because of industrious viewers? ... The best way to watch the fight? Jason Gay got high in Vegas. ... Giancarlo Stanton has 50 home runs. He's on pace for 63. Baseball's home run record debate might go from theoretical to actual real quick. The only way to have a legitimate debate is for MLB and its fans to reckon with the steroid era. Believing Barry Bonds' 73 HRs don't count as the real record is believing that today's game is completely devoid of PEDs. You're welcome to your debate if you want. But 73 is the record. Maris didn't need an asterisk for 61 (Billy Crystal gave him one anyway). Ruth didn't get one for hitting his bombs before MLB was integrated. The numbers are black and white. Everything else is gray. ... Yoo-hoo showers for Japan, which crushed Texas. 2017 Little League World Series champs. ... A concussion epidemic is plaguing sports. High-tech helmets, safer tackling techniques, impact-measuring chips -- can anything help save athletes' brains? SportsSET: "The Brain Game: How Sports Are Trying to Solve the Concussion Crisis". ... Cardi B has Colin Kaepernick's back. ... Punting's AND1 mixtape. ... The JumboTron is the ultimate truth-teller. ... Been excruciating to watch the destruction caused by Hurricane/Tropical Storm Harvey. It's ugly in Louisiana and Texas. If you want to help the people hit by the storm, here's where and how. (SMU and Baylor are helping out the Rice football team, unable to return home to Houston after opening its season in Australia.)

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