Giving up the game, Texas football legends speak and hate in Iowa

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rantnrave:// Love the @SportsPaperInfo Twitter account. A collection of sports programs, tickets, photos, covers and random bits of nostalgia. One of my daily highlights. So simple. So fun. A sports throwback machine. Like falling into a wormhole once you start looking. Cover of the Bills-Oilers program in 1962 is the perfect AFL kitsch. Bring back the helmet cart. All are a cool way to see how leagues have changed, shedding their carnival-like veneer as they became multibillion-dollar corporations. Each photo is like a time capsule when sports took itself less seriously. Sports is a cultural touchstone and this is the photo album. Don't know how Chris Holmes finds all those gems but I hope he never quits. ... Baseball can be immune to logic and probability. Part of its charm. Why it's ruinous to bet on. But the Dodgers' 11-game losing streak is an epic case of the unexpected. Alex Wood and their pitching staff went haywire, Curtis Granderson and the offense suddenly slump. Still, the Dodgers are so good that they still have the best record in MLB. Amazing. .... Video games like Madden, FIFA and NBA 2K haven't just sold millions of copies, they've taught their sports to a new era of fans and bred the next generation of stars. They've changed how fans consume sports from bar to arcade to living room. SportsSET: "Nearly Real Sports: The Video Games That Changed Sports". ... Geopolitics is wreaking havoc on beIN Sports. The network has been scooping up soccer TV rights ahead of the 2022 World Cup it'll host. But Qatar, which owns beIN, is at odds with some Middle Eastern and African countries, led by Saudi Arabia. Soccer associations like the EPL and UEFA are caught in the middle, wading into international politics to ensure their games are broadcast. ... What happens when you're a major sports magazine and don't have any games to cover? How Sports Illustrated's post-9/11 issue came together. ... A fashionable offense. ... Everybody needs a portable beer pong table -- always keep one on you because never know when the right occasion hits -- but a light-up cornhole board is a little much. ... Grinnin' cause you winnin'.

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