A turbulent Olympic atmosphere, a new look at concussions and the science of hydration

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rantnrave:// Is augmented reality going to be part of the in-game fan experience soon? Apple unveiled an AR feature with its iPhone 8 debut Tuesday. Hold your phone up to the field at a baseball game and graphics pop up identifying players and stats. That sneak peak might not be adding that much (that's what the JumboTron is for), but the possibilities are cool. Something like this would be great for NFL games where players funnel in and out quicker. Useful for golf, if you can get an idea of range to the hole and hazards from where you are on course. These are short-term wishes. What's possible as the tech evolves? Statcast numbers in real-time? Identifying routes and blitzes as they're run? The in-game tech experience has to catch up with the in-home. The demo was for a baseball game, but with MLB Advance Media working on it, it could spread around several leagues the company is aligned with. Hope it'll be available for those of us on Team Android one day. ... MLB's Statcast is a breakthrough technology transforming what we know about -- and how we play -- baseball. It's changing the way teams evaluate players, how fans watch games on TV, and how hitters swing. SportsSET: "The Statcast Revolution". ... Do NFL decision-makers have a racial bias in hiring coaches? The Denver Post's Cameron Wolfe lays out the argument, and why upward mobility is harder for some than others. The Rooney Rule has had its successes, but the issue runs deeper than getting an interview. It's about getting coaches in a position to be considered for that interview. Can't be a head coaching candidate if you don't get a job as an offensive coordinator. Probably can't be an offensive coordinator if you're not given a chance to coach quarterbacks. And so it goes. We only notice the top-line problems, but it goes deeper than that. ... Russell Westbrook lost a basketball game to a late-night TV host. Should've passed more. ... If Kobe stuck with No. 8, this wouldn't be awkward.

The Olympics are coming, if Dennis Rodman can keep the peace

It's tough to stay focused on the Games in South Korea when North Korea and the U.S. have been playing their own games.
Bruce Arthur | Toronto Star

Hard-to-see experimental device Luke Kuechly wears on field might save his brain

Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly is wearing an experimental "Q Collar" on the field in an attempt to limit concussions.
Jourdan Rodrigue | Charlotte Observer

In an effort to quench your thirst, sports drinks are cutting sugar

A multibillion-dollar market started by Gatorade has become a proving ground for the science of hydration.
Larissa Zimberoff | Bloomberg

Climbing a slippery mountain: Why NFL's black offensive coaches struggle to become head coaches, coordinators

It's the Thursday morning before Super Bowl LI, where three days later New England will rally past Atlanta in the biggest comeback victory in Big Game history. Falcons running backs coach Bobby Turner sits at a round table, reading a newspaper, alone for most of the 45-minute media scrum.
Cameron Wolfe | The Denver Post

It pays to be in Texas, home of the $98,668 high school football coach

Taxpayers in Texas' largest suburban school districts are funding six-figure salaries for their high school football coaches -- almost double what they're paying teachers.
Matthew Martinez | Star-Telegram


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