USC-Texas memories, the history of MLB cheating and James Dolan's prediction

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rantnrave:// From dopers to sign-stealers to football-deflaters, sports is littered with famous cheaters. The Red Sox and their Apple watches join a colorful group of the accused. The 1951 New York Giants might have cheated their way to a pennant. Lance Armstrong doped through seven straight Tour de France titles. Rosie Ruiz tried to hoodwink her way to a Boston Marathon win. Athletes and teams are asked to push their boundaries and search for every competitive advantage. But where do you draw the line? Where do ultra-competitiveness and ingenuity end and cheating begin? SportsSET: "It's Only Cheating If You Get Caught". ... The Cleveland Indians are a juggernaut. Notched their 21st straight win Wednesday. I'm out of adjectives. This is better than anything Lou Brown could've imagined. Longest streak in American League history. Might have tied the MLB record, depending which way you land on ties. A month ago the Indians were a good baseball team. They're contenders now. ... This is a lead. ... What would hockey players change about the NHL? ... A bike ride a day keeps the doctor at bay. ... The husband of the head of the Small Business Administration was head-butted live on national TV Tuesday.

USC-Texas revisited: LenDale White and what happened after fourth-and-two

This Saturday, USC will play Texas for the first time since Jan. 4, 2006, when the Longhorns were able to mount a late fourth-quarter rally that made them national champions. The game reopens painful memories for USC, but for White, the raw hurt has never disappeared. He thinks about one play every day.
Zach Helfand | Los Angeles Times

From telescopes to smartwatches: The evolution of sign stealing in baseball

The Red Sox were accused of using an Apple Watch to steal signs from the Yankees. Former MLB player Fernando Perez breaks down how sign stealing actually works -- and how it is always changing.
Fernando Perez | Vice Sports

Knicks' bumbling boss has one good idea

James Dolan sees the declining financial future of pro sports franchises. Maybe he'll finally sell his team!
Joe Nocera | Bloomberg View

These shoes are killing me!

The human foot is an evolutionary masterpiece, far more functional than we give it credit for. So why do we encase it in "a coffin" (as one foot scholar calls it) that stymies so much of its ability -- and may create more problems than it solves?
Stephen J. Dubner, Daniel E. Lieberman, Irene Davis & Elizabeth Semmelhack | Freakonomics

Rakuten strikes gold with Warriors jersey patch deal

The fact that the team received nearly double the amount of the second-highest team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the fact that the deal is with Rakuten, a company few people in the U.S. have likely heard of until now, is surprising. Why would Rakuten spend this amount of money for a jersey patch deal?
Adam Grossman | Block Six Analytics


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