I think Kasey's gesture was horrible

I thought Kasey's actions were embarrassing, pathetic and unprofessional. I have been as mad as anybody can be for messing up at my job, but I don't think you should act that way for obvious reasons.

Throwing his face mask like that didn't hurt the bull, but the gesture was horrible and the mask could have hit him in the eye or who knows where. That's about as unsportsmanlike conduct as you're going to get.

It's unfortunate, because at the end of the day I think Kasey is a pretty good kid, and I think he's a talented bull rider. I hope he realizes how unclassy his actions were and I hope he learns to contain his emotions and how to let those out in an appropriate way.

I see guys who handle their anger when you're mad at yourself for messing up — you see them handle it in all different ways. And I think it's interesting as a fan to watch the guys... at one end of the spectrum you have Cord McCoy, who always smiles, and at the other end you see J.B. Mauney get out back behind the chutes and punch a wall and throw his bull rope down or whatever.

To me, that's all very interesting to watch how guys handle their disappointment.

We've always done everything that we can to protect the bulls, look after them and make sure they're well taken care of at all times.

I don't know what he was thinking. Kasey is a friend of mine and he's a guy I like. I thought he was way over the line. Hopefully he learns from it and he grows up.

I've talked before about how growing up is going to help his career just from the standpoint of riding, being a little more dedicated and taking care of business a little bit better, pay more attention and take it more serious.

Hopefully this will be another step in helping him grow up and start reaching his full potential, because right now I feel like he's an underachiever. He has a lot of talent, and he shows it at times — we see how good he can be — but we don't know if he's going to do it once a month, once a year... you just don't know.

Sometimes you see him and it looks like he hasn't been on a bull, but he has enough talent that I hope he starts to grow up and try to make it a priority, because there's a lot of money there for him to make if he would realize he needs to start being a man.

I think what happened in Sacramento could be compared to a player spitting on an opponent. I think that would be a really good comparison.

To me, there are so many people who love our sport because of the cowboy code and cowboy ethics and the fact that the guys aren't a bunch of overpaid, spoiled brats. That starts to go down that line.

And because of that I agree that there ought to be a severe penalty. I don't think we even want to hedge going down that road.

That's why Kasey is going to be fined $7,500, and he either has to attend anger management classes or miss 3 events. He's also going to be expected to make a public apology on the next TV broadcast in Dallas this weekend.

I think the conduct committee did a good job with that.

We want to continue to live by our cowboy codes and cowboy ethics. We don't want to become a sport like the NBA where the players are fighting in the stands with their fans or spitting on people or any of that.

We want to continue being the type of men and type of sport that, as a parent, you don't mind your kids looking up to the athletes or our way of life.

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