Houston Texans

Clay Collins 

Well, I finished another San Antonio Rodeo, had a great time and want to thank the committee for all the great hospitality. Congratulations to all the winners there and thank you to all the fans that came and were a part of the great rodeo.

Next up was the great, huge RodeoHouston, which is a rodeo that you can't believe until you see it for yourself.

When I first got to Houston, I met Houston Texans football player Jeff Zgonina, and he introduced me to the team of medical trainers for the Texans. I mention this because I have established a friendship with a few of the trainers: Jon Ish, Pircher, Roland, and Geoff, and equipment guys like Chris and "Chest Hair" (he knows who he is).

I've had a blast getting to know these guys. I learned what the cold tub means, and if anyone ever tells you to try it, you might want to think twice. I will say it does work and allows your sore muscles to heal faster, and it energizes them again.

Ish is an awesome trainer, but I really think he loves to torture me and see how much pain he can put me through every day.

I've been able to go to the locker room every day and get treatment from the guys and been introduced to great players like Mario Williams (number one pick they took instead of Reggie Bush) and Kevin Burnett, the inside linebacker from the Dallas Cowboys. He was here on a free agent visit just before he signed with the San Diego Chargers. It has been awesome hanging out there every day and feeling like an NFL player and being treated so great.


RodeoHouston has changed practices a little by supplying all the bullfighters (Dusty Tuckness, Cory Wall, and myself) with uniforms. The uniform consists of a jersey and shorts; they have decided to go away from the baggies (cut-up jeans with bandanas) and go with more of an athletic look for all of us. This helps let everyone know that we are bullfighters with a very important job protecting cowboys instead of being thought of as clowns. I really enjoy the uniforms, too, because I feel like it does help with the protection part of bullfighting.

Ted Bert, J.W. Harris, Kanin Asay, Jarrod Ford, Dusty Tuckness and myself have been having a hard time getting to bed before 1 a.m. because we come back to the trailer and play gin rummy all night. We are all so competitive that we keep playing so that someone new gets the bragging rights for the day.

Speaking of J.W. Harris, he got off his second round bull here and hopped on a plane, flew to Ft. Worth, and won the Tuff Hedeman Challenge. Afterward, he flies back to Houston, walks in the trailer the next morning (only eight hours later) and throws his buckle down and says, 'Look what I won.'

Anyway, the Xtreme Bulls Tour will be televised on ESPN2 soon, so keep a look out for dates and times.

I will be headed to Huntsville, Texas soon and will be getting everyone caught up on the last few days in Houston and all the great things that happen in Huntsville. Thank you to all the fans who came to Houston, and I look forward to meeting many more of you guys.

-Clay Collins

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