Cowboy Grille ... Rowdy Buechner

PSN: How would you describe your year?
RB: Pretty blessed is how I would describe it. I didn't really have anything won until Reno, and from Reno on, it has been really good.
PSN: What did it mean to you to win the "Daddy of 'em All"?
RB: That was just a great win. Cheyenne (Wyo.), Pendleton (Ore.) and the world are three titles you dream about growing up, so to win Cheyenne was a great feather in the hat.
PSN: What are your thoughts as you approach your first Wrangler NFR?
RB: There is really no pressure, and I just can't wait to go. I am more excited than anything. It is something you dream about so much when you are a little kid that when you get there, it is probably going to be everything you thought it was. It will be more of a reaction than anything.
PSN: Who has been the biggest influence on your career?
RB: My dad, without a doubt. He has been so supportive, as has the rest of my family, but he really supported me in rodeo and knew I would have more success in rodeo than other sports.
PSN: A newspaper mentioned that your dad didn't want you playing other sports because you might get hurt and couldn't rodeo. Were there other sports you wanted to play?
RB: He was pretty high on wanting me to focus on rodeo. I always wanted to play football or wrestle. He kept telling me that those sports wouldn't pay the bills when I got older, but rodeo would. I was pretty driven to rodeo when I was younger, and he helped me in every way he could.
PSN: Have you always been a bareback rider?
RB: I used to compete in all three roughstock events, and I thought I rode bulls better than anything. But I got bored with riding bulls and then got hurt, so I decided to stick with the bareback riding.
PSN: Favorite sport to watch other than rodeo?
RB: Ultimate Fighting Championships because it is a one-on-one sport.
PSN: If you could trade places with anyone in the world for a day, who would it be and why?
RB: Chuck Liddell because it would probably be pretty cool to see how his life is as an Ultimate Fighting Champion. It would probably be pretty spooky, I imagine.
PSN: Last movie you watched?
RB: The Longest Yard.
PSN: Favorite TV show?
RB: Jessica Simpson's show because she is such an airhead, and I think it is funny to watch her show.
PSN: Last CD you bought?
RB: Elvis. I pretty much listen to anything and everything.
PSN: Favorite vacation spot?
RB: My fiancé, Audrey Tibbs, and I might go to Hawaii for our honeymoon this winter. Otherwise, I like going to my parents' house, where I can just relax. It takes you out of your everyday life and makes it like you are a kid again with nothing to worry about.
PSN: Have you ever traveled overseas? If not, where you would like to go?
RB: I have never traveled overseas, but if I got the chance I would like to go to Australia.
PSN: What do you like to do away from the arena?
RB: I like to ride colts and go hunting in Idaho and Washington.
PSN: Most likeable bareback rider?
RB: Clint Corey. Just the air around him makes you feel like a champion and feel good about yourself. He is the nicest guy in the whole world, and just being around him gives you a positive attitude about everything.
PSN: Is Rowdy a nickname?
RB: It is my real name. My mom used to babysit a kid named Rowdy and always liked it. My dad has always liked that name and said with a name like that, you have no choice but to be a cowboy.
PSN: Favorite restaurant?
RB: Texas Roadhouse and Applebees.
PSN: This year, several of the guys from the Northwest are having a good year, so how does that make you feel?
RB: It is a really neat deal. I grew up with Ryan Gray and Andy Bolich and traveled with Bobby Mote, Jason Havens, Will Lowe and Royce Ford, and for all of us to be having a good year is awesome. Especially for me, Ryan and Andy since we competed in junior rodeo together, and for all of us to come out and be successful is really neat.
PSN: Is there something in the water up there?
RB: All those guys were really competitive at a young age, and when you competed with them, you had to step up or you were going to get blown away. It made it really fun. To see Ryan doing so well this year made me want to step up and try and do the same. We have been great friends forever, but we are both very competitive.

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