Cowboy Grille ... Shain Sproul

PSN: What has been the key to your success the last couple years?
SS: The key has been our teamwork. Kinney (Harrell) and I decided that we were going to be partners through the good times and the bad and that no matter what, we would stick together. That has really helped both of us to be able to just go out there and rope. We also have good horses to ride, and things just seem to be working.
PSN: How did you and Kinney become partners?
SS: I had seen him at some rodeos, and he had seen me. We started talking and decided to give it a shot, and it has been a good move on both our parts.
PSN: What is the key ingredient to that winning chemistry?
SS: I think we are the fastest team out there, and we take more chances. We might not be the most consistent, but we are usually pretty fast and if all goes well, we place in the money.
PSN: Have you always been a header?
SS: No. I actually used to be a heeler and almost made it to the 1998 NFR, but finished 17th in the world that year. I switched to being a header because it was harder to find a partner as a heeler, and thought I could determine my future a little more as a header.
PSN: What do you enjoy doing away from the arena?
SS: I like to hunt and play golf. I also like to spend time with my family, and I put on a few roping schools down in Arizona.
PSN: How do you kill time while on the road?
SS: We watch movies or go play golf.
PSN: Do you get pretty competitive when you play golf?
SS: We mostly play for fun and leave the competition to the arena. It is a fun sport and a good way to kill time.
PSN: Favorite course you have played on?
SS: Pendleton has a pretty nice course, the Wildhorse Resort Golf Course, and we usually play there every chance we get.
PSN: Favorite food?
SS: Definitely steak.
PSN: Food you most dislike?
SS: Vegetables and salad. No rabbit food for me.
PSN: If you could trade places with anyone in the world for just one day, who would it be?
SS: Tiger Woods just because he is such an unbelievable athlete, and I like golf. To spend a day in the life of such an amazing athlete would be neat.

PSN: SportsCenter or CNN Headline News?
SS: Definitely SportsCenter when I get a chance to watch TV. I don't watch much since I don't have a satellite dish on my trailer.
PSN: Who do you think should be the next team roper inducted into the ProRodeo Hall of Fame?
SS: Speed (Williams) and Rich (Skelton). It would have to be both because you can't have one without the other, and their career has been amazing.
PSN: What other sports do you enjoy watching?
SS: Baseball, golf and basketball. Basically I enjoy watching all sports.
PSN: Favorite team?
SS: I would have to go with the Arizona Diamondbacks since I am from Arizona.
PSN: If you could have front-row seats to any sporting event, what would it be?
SS: The NBA Finals. I think it would be neat to be courtside for the Finals. I don't have a particular team, but I enjoy watching it when I get a chance.
PSN: If you were to win the lottery tomorrow, how would it change your life?
SS: I would have a lot less worries and would probably feel a sense of relief. I would continue to rodeo, but it would be easier since I wouldn't have the financial stress.
PSN: What rodeo has the toughest team roping setup?
SS: Pendleton because of the score, the arena and the time of year. It is definitely different, but still a fun rodeo.
PSN: Most recent movie you have seen?
SS: Wedding Crashers. It was pretty funny.
PSN: Favorite movie of all time?
SS: I would say Tombstone.
PSN: Favorite flavor of ice cream?
SS: Chocolate chip.
PSN: What has been one of the most memorable moments of your rodeo career?
SS: Winning the Pace Challenge in Omaha last year was probably the best. We really needed the win and Kinney's horse had to undergo surgery, so he had to get another horse brought to him. I think just all the obstacles we faced and then to win it was a great moment. The win helped us qualify for the Wrangler NFR, which was a huge relief.
PSN: What keeps you motivated to want to rodeo?
SS: The family, friends and support group within rodeo helps keep me going. Also, the feeling you get when you qualify for the Wrangler NFR, knowing you are one of the best ropers that year. It is worth it all when you can go to the Wrangler NFR and make a year's wages in just 10 days.

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