Cowboy Grille ... Scott Snedecor

PSN: How does it feel to be a world champion?
SS: It feels great. It was a dream come true, and it felt good to get one won.
PSN: Has it sunk in yet?
SS: It is starting to. I finally got my gold buckle a couple weeks ago, so it feels a little more real now. I have been waiting a long time to get one, so it is awesome to have it now.
PSN: Why did you end up competing in steer roping?
SS: I used to rope calves and team rope when I was younger, but after I got married and had a family, steer roping was more conducive for a family. As a steer roper, you don't have to travel near as much, and it is easier to take your family with you.
PSN: Do you have any plans to try and go for the all-around title?
SS: I would like to, but I don't think I will ever be able to. I stay pretty close to home, and with all the limited rodeos now, it makes it pretty tough for a guy like me to do something like that unless I want to go full-time. I still pick and choose some of the smaller rodeos to team rope at and just have fun with it.
PSN: What do you enjoy most about rodeo?
SS: The people you meet and the places you get to see. Also, you get to have your family with you, and you get to choose where you go and have a great time doing it.
PSN: What do you like to do in your free time?
SS: I like to hunt. I would rather hunt than do anything else. Other than that, I like to play a little basketball and spend time with my kids.
PSN: How many kids do you have?
SS: I have a two-and-a-half year-old girl, Kallyn, and my son, Colton, just turned 7. They keep me pretty busy, but they are a lot of fun.
PSN: When did you get into the Western Store business?
SS: My wife, Kelli, and I bought it about five years ago and have really enjoyed it. It works out well with my schedule because our busiest time is when I am home, and then when I get tired of the summer trips and the competition, I come back here and work at the store. Then when I get burned out working at the store, it is time to go rodeo again. So, I have the best of both worlds, I guess.
PSN: Who has been the biggest influence on your rodeo career?
SS: I would have to say Buster Record. I started traveling with him the first year I made the Finals, which would have been 2001, and have traveled with him ever since. During the summer, I spend time with his family, and his girls come down and stay with Kelli sometimes when I am gone.
PSN: Obviously, you had motivation to win a world title when you started competing, but how much more motivation did you have after Record won the world in 2002?
SS: Oh man, it gave me a whole lot of motivation. Traveling with him and seeing that gold buckle every day for three years gives a guy a lot of motivation. It is nice now to have two buckles in the rig.
PSN: What does it take to be a good steer roper?
SS: Discipline and lots of practice. Also, about 70 to 80 percent is having a good horse. I have been fortunate in my career to have good horses. My dad has always kept me in good horses and here lately, Buster and I have had some good horse deals.
PSN: Favorite rodeo?
SS: It would probably be Deadwood (S.D.) because I have always had success up there, and my family is with me the whole time. We all have a good time.
PSN: Favorite restaurant?
SS: Pappadeaux
PSN: Food you most dislike?
SS: Chinese
PSN: Favorite type of ice cream?
SS: Chocolate
PSN: Predictions for the Super Bowl?
SS: I would like to see the Broncos and the Seahawks, and I predict that the Broncos will win.
PSN: Will you watch the Winter Olympics this year?
SS: We will probably watch bits and pieces. I don't watch that much TV when I am home because I am usually at the store or practicing.
PSN: Did you compete in any sports in high school?
SS: I competed in basketball. My coach didn't like it too much when I would have a rodeo on the weekend that conflicted with a game because I would always choose to go to the rodeo.
PSN: Favorite sports team?
SS: The San Antonio Spurs. Since we live pretty close, we try to get to as many games as possible and have been to some of their playoff games.
PSN: Favorite sport besides rodeo?
SS: Hunting shows or amateur hockey games.
PSN: Most recent movies you have seen?
SS: Well with two kids, the movies I have seen the most are Cinderalla and Scooby Doo. My little girl has Cinderalla memorized, and that is all she wants to watch.
PSN: Favorite vacation spot?
SS: Our family likes to go snow skiing up in Jackson Hole, Wyo. In the summer, we try and go to the beach.
PSN: What is the town of Uvalde known for?
SS: Probably hunting, and Uvalde is called Tree City. I'm not sure why they call it that because there are not a lot of trees down here, but there are some big trees in the streets, so I guess that is where the name came from.
PSN: What is one thing that people don't know about Scott Snedecor?
SS: That I work hard at everything I do. I am just a hardworking Texas cowboy.

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