Three questions with the stars of the PBR

The recent Bullnanza event at the Lazy-E Arena in Guthrie, Okla. featured some of the world's best bull riders competing in the PBR Shootout portion of the event. ESPN.com wanted to get to know them a little better, so we quizzed the riders with the same three questions to see how they would answer.

1.) Do you have any superstitions or rituals you do before you ride?

Matt Austin: "No, I don't. Before I get on my bull I pray and just ask God to keep the folks safe and just help us do the best we can."

Bart Miller: No ma'am I do not. I don't really believe in that stuff. I'm either gonna stay on or I'm not, y'know? So I don't have no superstition, no good luck charm.

Colby Yates: Of course, I think we all do. I wear the same pants every time, and I only wash 'em if I'm not doing good. Sometimes a shirt, boxers, socks. Whatever's working, gonna make sure and wash those and make sure they're ready to go — it's kind of a mental thing.

Wiley Peterson: Um, I do a lot of the same stuff every time before I ride. I don't have any superstitions, but as far as warming up goes I kind of have a little routine that helps me get my body and my mind ready. I do a lot of stretching; I do some squats, lunges, that kind of stuff. A 10 of each kind of a thing. I'm not superstitious at all so nothing lucky about it, just make sure it's all ready to go, sticky and spurs are on tight and the mind's right and that's it. It's just good to have kind of a set pattern that you do that kind of gets your mind and your body ready because it's a way of telling yourself it's time to perform.

Guilherme Marchi: No. I only wear the same chaps and shirt because of my sponsors. I believe in my God, and that's it.

Mike Lee: No, not really, I don't really believe in luck. Never really fell into it I guess.

Adriano Moraes: No, I'm Catholic, and the priests say you're not supposed to have superstitions. So no superstitions for me.

Kody Lostroh: No, I don't got any superstitious things. I kinda got an order I do stuff in just because I'm used to it, but I don't believe in any of that lucky stuff. Bull riding is such a mental deal, anyways, if you can always keep everything consistent, in the way you get ready and you ride, then you'll have more success.

Mark Lopes: No, not really, just like don't put your hat on the bed, and stuff like that. The regular ones (it is an old cowboy superstition that placing your hat on the bed will bring seven years of bad luck).

2.) What is the rankest bull you have ever been on?

Austin: The rankest bull I've ever been on I think was a bull who's retired now. He belonged to Big Bend/Flying 5, and he was the PRCA Bull of the Year a couple times, called Tahonta. He was probably the rankest one I've ever been on.

Miller: That's a hard question. Probably I'm a Gangster of Tom Teague's is probably one of the rankest ones I've ever been on.

Yates: I'm gonna have to say it's a little four-year-old bull called Apollo. He's not really a big bull, he's a younger bull, but he is just outstanding. I've actually only rode him one time and I've been on him four.

Lostroh: Um, my favorite ride would probably be on Troubadour. He hadn't been ridden yet, up until I rode him earlier this year, and it was probably one of my favorite rides (he scored a 93.5).

Lopes: I rode War Dance up in Alaska a couple years ago, and not too many guys ride him.

3.) If you were an Olympic athlete, what sport would you compete in?

Austin: Well, probably ping pong because I didn't know they had ping pong and I saw it the other day and it looked like fun!

Miller: That's a pretty funny question because yesterday I was watching the Olympics and they had a walking sport, and I was like 'that's something I'd do right there.'

Yates: Let's see…I would be in…I don't know, I can't compete with those guys! But I guess I'd try to be in one of those track events like the 800 or the mile, or something like that I'd imagine.

Peterson: Probably in some sort of hurdles or sprint. I don't know if I could keep up with those Jamaicans, that guy's crazy (Usain Bolt.) That's amazing! That looked pretty fun, it kinda made me want to go get up some of my buddies and go to the track and have a sprint or something.

Marchi: Soccer.

Cruz: The horse jumping one — equestrian.

Lee: I'd like to be a gymnast.

Moraes: I would love to see bull riding in there! But other than that, track.

Brown: The Olympic diving looks really fun and so does the high bar. And I like watching the uneven bars.

Lostroh: (Laughs) Oh, shoot. I hadn't even been watching the Olympics, but I always make fun of curling, so I'm going to pick that one as my favorite. I could curl with the best of 'em, I think.

Lopes: Probably downhill skiing or moguls. Something with an adrenaline rush.