Eight in eight

J.B. Mauney rides Plummer/Larson/McKee's Slider for 89.25 points during the first round of the Reno Built Ford Tough PBR. Andy Watson, courtesy bullstockmedia.com

Each week, ESPN Bull Riding asks the winner of the most recent PBR Built Ford Tough Series event eight pressing questions in eight minutes. This week J.B. Mauney has done it again, winning his fourth event of the season and overtaking Guilherme Marchi for second place in the world.

ESPN.com: How'd it feel to get another win on the Built Ford Tough Series?

J.B. Mauney: Every win — once you get them under your belt — is always good, but at this point in time in the season, it feels great.

ESPN.com: So, you rode your first three bulls, but you had a little bit of trouble with Troubadour in the final round. What happened there?

Mauney: He got me kind of to the outside and I got back around there, but when I did, my feet were kind of behind me. I was trying everything I could to get set back down, and finally he jerked me down and hit me in the chin. I just kept hanging on, and luckily I didn't slap him, and I had the tail of my bull rope in my had when I hit the ground, so it worked out.

ESPN.com: Why'd you pick Troubadour?

Mauney: I've been on him before — I was on him in Vegas last year and I was 93.5 points — and I know he's going to buck every time. He'll go either way; he's a good honest bull, and I figured I could win the event on him.

ESPN.com: So, if you had to pick, which bull do you think is the best this year and why?

Mauney: Probably the rankest bull going right now is Big Tex. I've been on him twice; he's thrown me off both times. You know, he's all there; he's got the power. Every time you see him he always turns back to the right. My brother-in-law Shane Proctor got on him tonight and he went left. He's really smart, really strong, and probably the rankest bull out there.

ESPN.com: How about the best rider?

Mauney: Well, both Kody Lostroh and Guilherme, they're the top two guys in the world. Lostroh's been riding everything he gets on. He got thrown off here this weekend and it gave me a little window, but them guys are going to be hard to beat.

ESPN.com: So, this is your fourth event win this season. That's as many as you had in 2007 and 2008, combined. What's different about this year?

Mauney: I kind of looked at the stats the other day and I make the short round more times than Guilherme and Kody, and it... it kind of put it in perspective that maybe I need to change my way of picking bulls and not try and be the — basically the badass the whole time and try to ride the rank bulls — and just get the bulls rode.

I done that today; everybody didn't know whether I was going to pick Big Tex or what I was going to pick, and I went with Troubadour. I'm not saying he's an easy bull to ride, but Big Tex would have been the one to pick if I was trying to get a pile of points, and I figured I could win it on Troubadour.

ESPN.com: That's kind of what you're known for, though. What's your plan headed toward the finals? Are you going to try to take it easy and make the safe pick more often, or go all out?

Mauney: They're not the safest picks by no means, but I'm going to try to pick the ones that I think I can win the bull riding on. You know, if I come back and needed the points to win, I'd have probably picked Big Tex. It'll depend on what position I'm in. It's kind of more business-like, I guess.

ESPN.com: Can you catch Kody?

Mauney: Oh yeah, but I'm going to have to have a lot of luck, though. It's going to be hard to catch him, that's for sure.

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