Eight in eight

Each week, ESPN Bull Riding asks the winner of the most recent PBR Built Ford Tough Series event eight pressing questions in eight minutes. This week it's rookie Cody Nance, who won his second event of the season at the Cooper Tires Invitational in Columbus, Ohio, and who's on his way to wrapping up the Daisy Rookie of the Year title.

ESPN.com: How's it feel to get your second win of the season as a rookie? Did you expect to have two under your belt already?

Cody Nance: It feels great, I owe it all to God, you know. He's really come into my life and changed things around for me. It's really an awesome opportunity. I was 85.5 on my first bull, 88.25 on my second and I think I was 91.5 in the short round.

ESPN.com: So, it seems like your short-round draft pick worked out well for you.

Nance: I rode The Game. He's a bull I've been looking forward to getting on for a long time. He grew up in my home town, and I've been around him and watched him buck a ton of times. I'm just blessed with the opportunity, I guess, to get on him, and thank God I got him stuck.

ESPN.com: What made you choose him this time?

Nance: He was the only bull that was really dead set on my mind. I knew if I was in second going into the short round, then I'd probably take him. Brandon Gasper, the guy the owns him, he raised a really great bull.

ESPN.com: So, if he's from your home town, have you had a chance to ride him before outside of a PBR event?

Nance: That's the first chance I've ever even had to get on him. Brandon's always told me, 'You'll have to pick him or draw him.'

ESPN.com: How did he fit your riding style?

Nance: Oh yeah, he fits me like a glove — he fits my riding style to a 'T'. He was really fun; he was a great bull to have an opportunity to ride. He was just awesome.

ESPN.com: Well, this puts you about $50,000 ahead of the other guys in the Rookie of the Year race; that must be a good feeling.

Nance: Yeah, Skeeter and all them guys are all good buddies of mine, and it's been a really fun race. Thank God we're going to make it to the finals; we're looking forward to [the PBR event in] Connecticut next weekend, and the finals are going to be a blast. Thank God we've got all these good guys that we're competing with. They really take good care of each other. We pray for each other and support each other.

ESPN.com: Will this be your first time at the Thomas and Mack Center?

Nance: It'll be my first time in Vegas... It'll be my first time at the Thomas and Mack Center, my first time in Vegas, and I'm looking forward to it. There's a ton of good bulls out there. Man, it's awesome — I finally get to make it there.

ESPN.com: That's a big stage and there might be some nerves to deal with. Do you have any pre-ride rituals that help calm the nerves or get you in the right mindset to ride?

Nance: I read my Bible, pray for confidence, keep my hand closed and let God take care of the rest.

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