WNFR Journal: Round 3

What could you do in seven seconds?

If you are like me, not much. Cody Ohl used that time wisely last night and got back in the thick of the '03 tie-down roping world title race, but Fred Whitfield is still in the driver's seat. We have talked so much about Whitfield, Ohl, Blair Burk and Trevor Brazile on our ESPN coverage in the first three rounds, but now we have to throw Jerome Schneeberger into that mix. The Ponca City, Okla., cowboy has been cashing checks left and right. Plus, Schneeberger has the edge in the average race.

You got to play with pain.

Mike Moore knows all about that. In the first real show of cowboy up at this year's Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, Moore almost made the whistle last night despite tearing his bicep in Round 2. Keep in mind that with a torn bicep most of us probably could not pick up a suitcase. Moore is still trying to tie himself to 2,000 pounds of fun.

B.J. Schumacher broke his ankle in the first round and continues to gut it out in hopes of keeping pressure on Terry Don West. Meanwhile, TDW has it on cruise control. He is nearly $40,000 ahead with seven rounds remaining.

Rod Lyman is Mr. Moneybags. No one has made more money so far at this year's Wrangler NFR — $37,302.69 to be exact. He has leapfrogged over 11 cowboys in the world standings.

The dreaded yellow flag was a factor last night. In football it can bring back touchdowns and in rodeo it means you have just spit out the bit. Glen O'Neill was a victim in Round 3 when he missed on Dippin Ponca Crossin. The fallout will be felt over the next seven rounds. O'Neill is still No. 1, but the five cowboys who are right on his boot heels all rank higher in the average standings.

Happy anniversary Will Lowe. Will and Tiffany celebrated their one-year anniversary last night with Will picking up his first Wrangler NFR paycheck of 2003. These two were married last year in Las Vegas in a wedding chapel. I can't believe Will shared the wedding video with ESPN. If only Ben and J-Lo would be so cooperative.

Here is a team roping update. Speed Williams and Rich Skelton are still way ahead!

Barrel racing is still a bit of a puzzle. Kelly Kaminski and Jackie Dube have been the sharpest so far. Brittany Pozzi, the first rookie to win the regular season money title since Charmayne James, cashed her first check last night. Just $34,000 separates the top seven ladies. It will be a classic photo finish.