Juan Pablo Montoya: Issues settled

FLORENCE, S.C. -- Juan Pablo Montoya says his issues with Ryan Newman were settled on the track at Richmond last week.

Montoya and Newman were involved in two separate on-track incidents at Richmond International Raceway, and Newman talked of payback after the race. The two had no confrontation, however.

"For me, I think everything was settled on the race track," Montoya said Thursday.

Montoya was playing in a golf tournament honoring late NASCAR executive and former Darlington Raceway president Jim Hunter.

Montoya, the pole-sitter at Richmond, brushed the wall the first time he tangled with Newman and lost three laps in the pits as the damage was fixed.

Montoya said Newman could've lifted off the throttle and avoided contact. Newman wouldn't have lost much time, plus Montoya said he was "letting everybody by because my car wasn't that great at the time. I felt [it was] totally unnecessary what he did."

Later, Montoya ran into the back of Newman when Newman was in eighth place.

"I've been wrecked by him a lot of times," Montoya said, "and I've never done anything about it."

Newman went to the NASCAR hauler after the race to complain about Montoya. "To retaliate the way he did just didn't show much class," Newman said last weekend.

There's been some history between the two, including contact that led to a fiery crash for Montoya in his 2006 Cup debut at Homestead.

Montoya said it was pointless to discuss the incidents further. "You guys are looking for a story that is not there," he said. "And that's it."

The Sprint Cup series runs at Darlington on Saturday night with the Southern 500. Newman is eighth in the points standings heading into the weekend; Montoya is 12th.