Richard Childress done with Kyle Busch

Team owner Richard Childress said Friday that NASCAR was correct in punishing him for assaulting Kyle Busch after last weekend's Trucks race at Kansas but that officials also should have dealt with Busch bumping into RCR driver Joey Coulter on the cool-down lap following the race.

"The main thing is I take all the responsibility for my actions last week. I am very passionate about this sport. I am passionate about my race teams, our fans and I let my emotions ... come in front of my passion. But that is behind us," Childress said from Pocono Raceway, site of this week's Sprint Cup Series race.

Childress was found solely at fault for the incident at Kansas Speedway, where he apparently approached Busch after the race, placed him in a headlock, and punched him several times. Childress dodged a suspension from NASCAR but was fined $150,000 and placed on probation through the end of the year.

He said Friday that his comments would be the only ones he'd make concerning the incident. He did not have an apology for Busch.

"Hopefully Kyle and myself will both end up learning something from this," Childress said.

Childress also said donations have been coming in to his team to help pay the fine, but he said payment would come from his own pockets.

"We had a lot of fans to send in donations last week toward our fine. I am going to pay it personally. All that money that has been sent in, that is still coming in, we're going to take and donate to the Childress Institute for Pediatric Trauma," he said. " At least in every bad situation, something good will come out of it."

After racing Coulter hard in the closing laps at Kansas, Busch bumped into the 21-year-old on the cool-down lap, presumably to show his displeasure over something Coulter had done during the race. The act of bumping is fairly common in racing, and likely happens between two drivers following every event.

Apparently it was the final straw for Childress, who let it be known he would not tolerate Busch damaging any more RCR equipment. His stance followed the incident at Darlington between Busch and RCR driver Kevin Harvick in May; a move by Busch late in the race caused Harvick to wreck with teammate Clint Bowyer, and Harvick tried to express his displeasure after stopping his car in front of Busch on pit road after the race.

Busch and Harvick, RCR's top driver, have feuded for years, and the tension was reignited last month after the race at Darlington.

Harvick tried to punch Busch while Busch was still seated in his car, but Busch instead rammed Harvick's car out of the way so he could drive off. Harvick's car turned into the pit road wall.

Busch and Harvick each was fined $25,000 for the incident, and placed on probation through June 15.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.