Foreman talks to Andrettis about joining IndyCar

SONOMA, Calif. -- Former world heavyweight boxing champion George Foreman spent some time with Mario, Michael and Marco Andretti on Friday to discuss IndyCar racing and Foreman's interest in becoming involved in the series.

"We are exploring starting a team. I wanted to meet everybody
first of all," Foreman said.

Along with touring the garage area with three generations of
Andrettis, Foreman met with Infineon officials and several IndyCar
team owners.

He said he was interested in linking up with an existing team
before looking at starting his own.

"I want to win. I like to win. I'd like to be associated with
some good drivers and see them cross the finish line first. I have
a lot of fans and they can't find me in the ring any more, so this
would be a place where they could find me."