Grubb suspended indefinitely for refusing drug test

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- NASCAR suspended Kevin Grubb indefinitely
on Tuesday because he refused to submit to a random drug test
following the Busch Series race at Richmond International Speedway.

Grubb was suspended in March 2004 for failing a drug test, but
agreed as part of his reinstatement this June to random testing.
But when NASCAR officials approached him after Friday night's Busch
race, he twice refused to submit a sample, spokesman Jim Hunter

"He did not give any reason Friday night, he just refused twice
to submit to a test and part of his reinstatement was that he would
agree," Hunter said. "Our medical liaisons have experience and
know what they are doing, and they explained the consequences to
him several times."

Although Grubb wrecked on the first lap of the Busch race and
finished last, Hunter said the test was random and NASCAR was not
accusing him of being under the influence of any illegal

Grubb, from Mechanicsville, Va., was first suspended following a
race at North Carolina Speedway in February 2004.

He was required to attend a rehabilitation program and was
subjected to random drug tests during the two seasons he was out.
Although he agreed to random tests, Hunter was unsure if Grubb had
been asked to submit a sample before Friday night.

Grubb was thankful for his second chance in an interview with
The Associated Press following his reinstatement. He had spent his
time away from the sport working with his father's crane business
in Virginia.

"It was probably something that needed to happen. I needed to
get my life together and get my priorities in line. That's really
what I've done. I've changed a lot, and it'd be nice to come back
racing and concentrate more on racing," Grubb said. "The biggest
thing was I got myself straight, and things followed after, so I'm
going to keep on the right road and see what's laid in front of

Grubb has made five starts in the Busch Series and four in the
Truck Series this season. His highest finish in Busch was a
10th-place finish in St. Louis in July.