Next stop for the IndyCar train: Texas Motor Speedway

Life on the road looks glamorous, but it's really a lot of work. We've been on a train that hasn't quite reached its destination. … I think we arrive in early September.

We made our sixth stop of the season at the Milwaukee Mile. The week after the Indy 500 leading up to Milwaukee was really spent getting back to reality. During the month of May, you really get into your own little bubble and everything around you stops, or at least that's the thought … then you realize the world has moved on without you.

Never in my life have I seen karaoke at an Applebee's. What a great idea for our wedding reception!

Sarah Fisher

I've been getting back to my regular training exercise with the Shock Doctors and getting my house back in order. Milwaukee was a tough weekend for us because it was my first time at the Milwaukee Mile. It's the flattest track we compete on, which means you need to have a really good car. During the race, we were having clutch issues, which prevented us from having consistent pit stops. In the end, I was less than pleased with our performance.

Milwaukee is so close to Indy that we were able to drive there instead of continuing our jet-setting exercise. We arrived home in the wee hours of the night Sunday and I had the day to get laundry done and get the motorcoach ready for Texas.

I flew out with my publicist Monday night en route to Richmond, Va., to promote the upcoming SunTrust Indy Challenge. All of the IndyCar Series drivers are required to partake in three PR advances to promote upcoming races; this time it was my turn.

Richmond is home to some solid qualifying efforts on my part (two out of three front-row starts). After all, it's a short track, which is what I grew up on. So returning to Richmond was fun for me. We arrived in the late evening and made a stop by Applebee's to grab a bite to eat before bed. We walked in and they had karaoke. Never in my life have I seen karaoke at an Applebee's. What a great idea for our wedding reception! Though, don't expect me to be singing.

Tuesday was insane; the schedule was really full, which gave us a very long day. We started the day doing some TV interviews and then had a ton of radio call-ins. Same concept, different radio station. Same questions, similar answers ... me getting tired. I look at it much like a singer probably does. Take Celine Dion, for example. She performs her show each week, day after day, singing the same songs over and over again. Same with me answering the same questions over and over again -- it's just part of it. But that promotional aspect of it is what I love the best!

We also had an event at the SunTrust building. It was so good to see all the SunTrust folks again as they sponsored my ride back in 2003 and it enabled me to compete there; I sat on the front row for them.

Then it was on to Texas, home of my first IndyCar Series race. So to say it has sentimental value to me is an understatement. My first PR advance of the season was at Texas back in early May. We did a roller coaster promotion; it was so much fun!

Wednesday we did a Racing for Kids hospital visit at the local Fort Worth Children's Hospital for a few hours and did some prerace media. We start practice on Thursday and Texas is my favorite track on the IndyCar Series Circuit. The fans are great, the track staff is amazing and the people are just very friendly. It's also a great place to watch an IndyCar race.

The Texas race is also a night race, and I love night races. Now that I have the proper glasses for night vision, I'll be a lot better off than at Homestead. Glasses presented a new challenge for me with running at night, but I think I got it all sorted out now.

Well, back on the train.

-- S

IRL IndyCar Series driver Sarah Fisher drives the Dreyer & Reinbold Racing No. 5 Dallara/Honda. She is providing a diary to ESPN.com. For more on Sarah, go to www.sarahfisher.com.