Racing to the altar -- and racing at Sonoma

With a weekend off (at least for most of the series) we were super busy these last few weeks before hitting the road to Sonoma, Calif. When the Kentucky race was over it was crunch time for wrapping up the final arrangements for my wedding and a few other things on the side! After all, racing isn't just a weekend job.

We recorded some new print ads downtown on Monday (Aug. 13) morning that should be coming out soon in the Indianapolis area for OrthoIndy/Pit Fit; basically it's a patient testimonial. Everyday people ... extraordinary care.

On Tuesday I attended Peyton Manning's PeyBack Celebrity Bowling Tournament. Too bad I didn't bring my bowling game.

Then, it was time for alterations on my wedding dress with Sue. Since I didn't run a full IndyCar Series schedule last year, this year has forced me to retone all my muscles, and areas keep getting smaller -- so more and more alterations are needed for the dress. I've had the dress for a while, to say the least. I was excited to go get one right away after Andy proposed.

Tuesday (Aug. 14) was another full day. I worked out in the morning with PitFit and invited WTHR Indianapolis NBC affiliate along for the ride; they are doing a special on getting fit for your wedding. I'm not sure I'm necessarily getting fit for my wedding, but I definitely am for work and I guess that correlates well.

After working out, taking a shower and getting fluffed up, we were on our way down to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for a sponsor outreach event for Dreyer & Reinbold. We were on the fourth floor of the media center and made a presentation to some folks and then did pace-car rides. IMS is doing some construction in preparation for the MotoGP -- which I'm very very excited about -- so we couldn't go full bore the whole way around the track, but I'm sure everyone really enjoyed it.

After we were done at the speedway we made our way to FasTimes for some go-karting, which I absolutely love!! Our team got first place. Too bad for Robbie and Dennis (my team owners).

On Wednesday (Aug. 15), we were off to Detroit for the Motorsports Hall of Fame induction ceremony. We were invited to this on behalf of Firestone and were joined by Champ Car driver Graham Rahal. I was so impressed in how he carried himself for only being 20 years old. It was a nice event to see old friends throughout the motorsports world. I was running a bit late as we decided to stop at IKEA. It was a bit overwhelming to say the least, and I think I burned a hole in my pocket ... whoops!

Ahh, the weekend was finally here! Bachlorette party, cake shopping and my bridal shower. My mom was in town, all my Butler (University) friends, and of course the rest of the family. Boy, it was a fun weekend with lots of friends and family and being a 26-year-old. Andy and his boys had their bachelor party, too.

On Tuesday (Aug. 21) I attended Peyton Manning's PeyBack Celebrity Bowling Tournament. It was a lot of fun with really great food. Andy was gracious enough to come with me. Too bad I didn't bring my bowling game. Most of the Colts players were there along with a handful of IndyCar Series drivers. Even Greg Oden (Ohio State what?) was there.

We're off to Sonoma on Thursday (Aug. 23) in what looks to be great weather. It will be a tough weekend for us; I've never been there before and we're back on a road course. All the folks from AAMCO Transmissions will be joining us at the race so it will be fun to entertain them. Did I mention it's wine country out there?

We'll be on ESPN at 3:30 p.m. ET on Sunday, so check us out!

-- S

IndyCar Series driver Sarah Fisher drives the Dreyer & Reinbold Racing No. 5 Dallara/Honda. She is providing a diary to ESPN.com. For more on Sarah, go to www.sarahfisher.com.