Getting psyched for the Chase

The suspense of the Chase is killing us (and clogging our DVR with football and baseball). That's why The Mag asked astro numerologist Jesse Singh Kalsi to cut to the chase and tell us who's going to win.

Jesse doesn't follow NASCAR, but we gave him each contender's birthday and car number, and the date of each race. Then we showed him a picture of each driver in uniform and asked for his gut impression. Hey, his guess is as good as ours.

1. Jeff Gordon
Car (driver's birthdate): No. 24 Chevy (Aug. 4, 1971)
Wins: 4
Top-5s: 15
Top-10s: 21
The vibe: The scary number for everyone going against him is 8.2, his average finish. Matt Kenseth is next closest at 12.1. Yikes.
Kalsi predicts: The car number vibrates well with 2007. His luck improves as he approaches his 37th birthday and continues until 2009.

2. Kurt Busch
Car (driver's birthdate): No. 2 Dodge (Aug. 4, 1978)
Wins: 2
Top-5s: 5
Top-10s: 10
The vibe: He's mellowed since moving to Penske and getting married, but he may have to get nasty driving the only Dodge in the Chase.
Kalsi predicts: His energy is sun and moon, so 1's and 2's are lucky. This guy is lucky, lucky, lucky. But he really needs to wear a ruby.

3. Jeff Burton
Car (driver's birthdate): 5,060, 1st
(June 29, 1967)
Wins: 1
Top-5s: 7
Top-10s: 12
The vibe: A garage favorite, he's had a typical season -- smart and conservative. But will his team take the gambles needed to win?
Kalsi predicts: The next two months don't look so good. These colors aren't in tune with his number. Something is out of sync with this car.

4. Tony Stewart
Car (driver's birthdate): No. 20 Chevy (May 20, 1971)
Wins: 3
Top-5s: 9
Top-10s: 18
The vibe: Two things can keep him from winning it all: his legendary temper and a tendency to gamble with pit strategy.
Kalsi predicts: An excellent name. It gives him fame and is in tune with "NASCAR." This car is doing well and the No. 20 is great for him -- next year.

5. Jimmie Johnson
Car (driver's birthdate): No. 48 Chevy (Sept. 17, 1975)
Wins: 6
Top-5s: 14
Top-10s: 16
The vibe: He's regained his form, but has the field caught up? We'll know early. Three of the first four races feature the COT.
Kalsi predicts: With a Saturn birthday, his lucky numbers are all 2's and 3's. In 2007, No. 48 could be hard luck. He needs one with more Mercury energy.

6. Kyle Busch
Car (driver's birthdate): No. 5 Chevy (May 2, 1985)
Wins: 1
Top-5s: 6
Top-10s: 14
The vibe: His season started poorly, but after announcing in June that he's leaving Hendrick, he has not had a finish worse than 20th.
Kalsi predicts: Very strong name energy, but his number is not in sync with his birth date. His lucky numbers are 2 and 7, and flow better with his name.

7. Martin Truex Jr.
Car (driver's birthdate): No. 1 Chevy (June 20, 1980)
Wins: 1
Top-5s: 5
Top-10s: 10
The vibe: His first win came at Dover, but getting into the Chase is what was expected of him last year as a rookie.
Kalsi predicts: His name vibrates with powerful Venus energy and connects well with Mars vibrations of 2007, but his luck will really improve in 2009.

8. Denny Hamlin
Car (driver's birthdate): No. 11 Chevy (Nov. 18, 1980)
Wins: 1
Top-5s: 10
Top-10s: 15
The vibe: Winning a championship in his second season will be tough. And will his truce with teammate Tony Stewart last?
Kalsi predicts: Be careful of rushing and accidents. His number is the sun twice. He needs more threes; 33 would flow with him marvelously.

9. Carl Edwards
Car (driver's birthdate): No. 99 Ford (Aug. 15, 1979)
Wins: 2
Top-5s: 7
Top-10s: 11
The vibe: After 52 races without a win, he closed strong with checkereds at Michigan and Bristol and a string of top-10s.
Kalsi predicts: This number is Mars on Mars. Speed on speed. And his red is the same fast energy. He will either win
or he will crash trying.

10. Kevin Harvick
Car (driver's birthdate): No. 29 Chevy (Dec. 8, 1975)
Wins: 1
Top-5s: 4
Top-10s: 11
The vibe: He won at Daytona in February, but hasn't won since. And a spate of middling finishes in August could bode ill.
Kalsi predicts: These colors are no good. His name is in sync, but he needs to change his number and colors. This is all out of whack with his birthday.

11. Matt Kenseth
Car (driver's birthdate): No. 17 Ford (March 10, 1972)
Wins: 1
Top-5s: 8
Top-10s: 16
The vibe: As usual, there's been no controversy and no hype around him, and he's been locked into the Chase since midsummer.
Kalsi predicts: A powerful name vibrating with Venus energy, and 17 vibrates very well. But the black on his car
is all wrong.

12. Clint Bowyer
Car (driver's birthdate): No. 07 Chevy (May 30, 1979)
Wins: 0
Top-5s: 2
Top-10s: 12
The vibe: Can he win a title without taking one checkered flag? Unlikely. But that's what they said about his chances of making the Chase.
Kalsi predicts: his black is not working for him, either. A green car or especially a blue car would help him reach his full potential.