Have a look at some stock car features


1. Front grill openings

Allow air to pass through the radiator and ensure that the engine performs at the optimum temperature.

2. Hood pins

Four metal-and-wire pins with wire tethers that keep the hood closed.

3. Shock absorbers

Help control the compression and rebound of the suspension springs and provide a smooth and controlled ride to the driver.

4. Cowl induction

Housing for the air cleaner that connects the air intake at the base of the windshield to the carburetor.

5. Jack post

This is the area where the jackman must place the jack on each side of the car during a pit stop.

6. Impact data recorder

Records measurements such as G Forces and Delta V (change in speed) from an accident.

7. Roll cage

A cage made of steel tubing inside the car that protects the driver from impacts and rollovers.

8. Window net

Safety device located on the driver's side window that helps keep his or her head and arms inside the car during an accident.

9. Windshield clips

Allow for easy removal of the windshield in the event that a driver needs to be extricated from the vehicle.

10. Television camera

Allows NASCAR fans a great view of their favorite drivers in race traffic.

11. Roof strips

Two half-inch tall aluminum strips that run lengthwise on the roof and help prevent the car from flipping when it is turned sideways during a spin or accident.

12. Roof flaps

Help prevent the car from becoming airborne when it is turned sideways or backward during a spin or accident.

13. Jacking bolt

Area where the crew uses a tool to adjust the handling of the car by altering pressure on the rear springs.

14. Rear spoiler

Deflects the air coming off the roof and onto the rear deck lid, which in turn creates greater downforce and more traction for the rear wheels.

15. Dry break fuel cell

Holding tank for the car's gasoline. It can hold 22 gallons of fuel.

16. Deck lid

Slang term for the trunk lid of a stock car.

17. Firewall

Sheet steel plate that separates the engine compartment from the driver's compartment of the car. Also used at the rear to separate the fuel cell compartment from the driver's compartment.

18. Track bar

Lateral bar that keeps the rear tires centered within the body of the car.

19. Sway or anti-roll bar

Used to resist or counteract the rolling force of the car body through the turns.

20. Alternate exit

More commonly known as a "roof hatch," it provides drivers with an alternate exit from the car in the event of an emergency situation.

Source: NASCAR