Tailing Patrick Carpentier: Radio chatter

Editor's note: Senior coordinator Paul Grant is following the frantic life of Quebecer Patrick Carpentier as the former open-wheel star sets out to impress his home fans -- and team owners -- in Saturday's Busch Series race in Montreal. This is a transcript of the radio chatter from the race between Carpentier and crew chief Paul Wolfe.

Approaching a lapped car early in the race, Patrick Carpentier gets his first bit of help from crew chief Paul Wolfe: "Make sure to peek your nose out when passing somebody to get some air."

Boris Said passes Carpentier on the eighth lap and hairpin turn; Carpentier went wide to allow Said to pass.

Lap 9, from Wolfe: "Nice and easy with those brakes, Patrick, we need them for the end, now." "10-4."

Lap time of 1:43.20. Wolfe: "Easy now, you don't need to be running that fast. You've got to save them brakes." Carpentier: "Yeah, right now I'm not using the brakes all that much, I'm just running through the corners, so we should be OK."

Lap 12: Said pits, Ron Fellows takes lead, Carpentier back in second.

Lap 15: Fellows pits, Carpentier takes the lead.

Wolfe: "Next time we're going to pit." Carpentier: "Yeah, 10-4, coming in next time." Wolfe: "Let him know where the commitment line is, 3,500."

Wolfe: "First gear, 3,500, don't go over that." "10-4."

Wolfe: "3,500, first gear. When you come to us, nice and easy, turn the tires, foot on the brake."

"Four tires, no mistakes here, fellas."

Wolfe: "Once we drop the jack, here Patrick, you can go hard. Stop right there. Foot on the brake. Hold the brake. Hold the brake. Go-go-go-go! Nice job, nice job, fellas. Right back out there with the 33. Nice job, fellas. OK, get a good rhythm." Out in seventh.

Wolfe: "You say you had a little bit more push on those tires you have there?" "Yeah, not too much."

Lap 18: 1:43.32. "Just make sure you don't lock the tires up, you'll flat-spot them there."

1:42.81 on four new tires.

1:43.21. Carpentier is in 5th.

Lap 26: 1:43.19, fifth

1:43.99. "Everything looks good, Patrick, just save those brakes." "Yeah, that's what I've been trying to do."

"The four cars in front of you are the leaders, you're doing fine, hold your pace."

Lap 29: 1:42.34. "You're supposed to be taking it easy, Patrick." "Yeah, I know."

"We're not pitting, Patrick. We're going to stay out." "Yeah, 10-4."

Wolfe: "How much speed do you have there, I mean, how easy are you on it?" Carpentier: "I think I'm pretty easy on it."

First full-course yellow, laps 32-34: "We're staying out. We can't make it yet, there's no sense in coming in, we can't get back out in front of traffic." "10-4."

Wolfe: "You're doing fine. You can see the brake rotors on the other cars, yours have shown the least amount of red. We've got to keep with it the end, so when it's time to go, you've still got them."

Carpentier: "Where are we in the race right now?" Wolfe: "Lap 32, close to halfway."

Wolfe: "I think you're doing the right thing. You're going to be fine. Keep smart here and get us a good finish out of this." Carpentier moves up to third.

Wolfe before the green: "Be ready, Patrick. When the guys ahead of you go, you go. Ready-ready-ready-Go-go-go-go-go! All clear. All clear."

Second yellow when Steve Wallace blows an engine, laps 37-40: "We're staying out."

Wolfe: "How do you feel in the car, Patrick?" Carpentier: "Yeah, so far, so good, counting the laps and hoping to do a good job." "You're doing a good job. Just try to stay focused."

TV interview with Wolfe: "We're just trying to keep him calm in the car."

Lap 39: Almost everyone pits except Carpentier; he takes first place.

Lap 41: Green flag, Carpentier in the lead

Lap 45: Carpentier: "We've got to push a little bit too hard with the brakes right now." Wolfe: "Do what you have to do." Carpentier: "I'm going to have to let the guy go by." Niclas Jonsson passes Carpentier

Wolfe: "OK, Patrick, next time, come to us. We're going to put new tires on it and fill it up. Next time."

Wolfe: "All right guys, four tires, fill it up." Wolfe to Carpentier: "All right, 3,500, foot on the brake. Wheels straight, wheels straight. Make sure it's full. Go-go-go-go! Clear, all the way." Back out in 17th.

Lap time: 1:42.75

1:42.84, 20 laps to go.

Full-course caution

Wolfe: "How is your car's balance?" Carpentier: "A little bit loose, beside that, everything is not too bad." Carpentier is up to 13th. Wolfe: "When we go back to green, it's pretty much going to be time to go. Somewhat conserve your brakes, but you're going to have see about getting by some of these guys. We're going to be bunched up now, so we've got to get all the positions we can get."

Carpentier: "How many laps to go?" Wolfe: "Fourteen to go."

Wolfe: "Remember on restarts Patrick, all passing on the left."

Wolfe: "I think you've done a good job with your brakes today." Carpentier: "Yeah, we'll give it a shot, you know."

Wolfe: "Thirteen laps, so you'll be able to use them a little bit, OK?" Carpentier: "10-4, 10-4, I'll use them."

14 laps to go.

Spun out on Lap 65 by rookie Brad Coleman in the hairpin coming off the straightaway.

Yellow, lap 66:

Carpentier: "The brakes feel good right now. I was hoping to move up but that guy spun me out. I'm going to try to do it again."

Wolfe: "OK, Patrick, you're 13th now. Four laps to go. Give it all you can get. Try to use your mirrors. Pretty much drive it as hard as you can, you should have plenty of brake for a four-lap run."

The yellow comes out after the first hairpin after a bunch of cars got together. Robby Gordon and Marcos Ambrose got together. Carpentier suffered minor damage on the right side while avoiding the gathering. Carpentier is sixth.

Wolfe: "Work your car back and forth." Carpentier: "Seems to be OK."

Wolfe: "So when we go green, is that one lap to go or two?" Carpentier: "Just two."


Wolfe: "All right, Patrick, use your head here and we're going to get a good finish."

Wolfe: "Use your mirrors for that 1 car [Max Papis], don't let him spin you out."

Wolfe, as Carpentier runs up to Kevin Harvick: "That's the leader! That's the leader!"

Carpentier finishes second to Harvick. A disqualified Gordon does doughnuts, thinking he has won. Harvick does celebratory doughnuts as does Carpentier.

"Good job, boys, good job."

Paul Grant is a senior coordinator at ESPN.com.